What does the brand new “eco-old bride” need from her wedding ceremony jewellery?


The bridal landscape is changing. Thanks in part to the impact of the pandemic and in part to changing values ​​around sustainability, brides are starting to choose shorter dresses, with some even dying parts that they can wear again for years to come.

With this new take on wedding fashion, where does jewelry fit into the equation?

Clio Saskia jewelry maker and ethical advocate Clio Thomas believes we will see a focus on weird and wonderful nature as the perfect match for the bridal ensemble in 2021 – the rise of what she calls ‘the eco-old bride’.

She said, “Nature is calming and comforting and brings a calm and serenity that was so badly needed in the past year.

“Since we have nothing else to do, we have reconnected with ourselves and with nature, which has given us a new respect for the planet and the environment in which we live.

“We have seen long-term relationships develop to find ways to survive the toughest environments (like last year) and get stronger and better over time.”

How does this translate into bridal trends? She continues, “Jewelry is a celebration of our place in the world.

“Simple, natural shapes with an elegant design are paired with natural gemstones that are completely unique in their history.

“Central diamonds framed with colored stones are popular alongside a colored central stone (blue or yellow sapphires, especially rubies) with diamond accents to mimic nature’s vibrant and wild colors.”

Clio Saskia jewelry

However, it’s not just the nature-inspired colors, shapes and materials – the bride and groom are now thinking more about where the precious pieces come from, how they are made and how their newly beloved gemstones the future of. will affect the planet.

“Traceability and providence are becoming increasingly important,” continued Thomas. “The individual wants to celebrate his love for one another with a clear conscience by choosing responsibly extracted gemstones.

“Recycled and Fairtrade gold is growing in popularity, with many carefully considering their environmental impact.”

The brand hopes to have managed to immortalize the natural world in gold with their own jewelry.