What do folks do on their honeymoon? (Exterior the bed room!)

  What do people do on their honeymoon?  (Outside the bedroom!)

Your honeymoon will all be bedroom romps and luxury lounge chairs on the beach with expertly prepared cocktails, right? Not necessarily. What do people do on their honeymoon?

“Many couples naturally assume that their honeymoon, with all its romance and passion, is like a chick-flick,” says Laura Brotherson, marriage and sex therapist. And while it will surely be wonderful, it will also be full of surprises – little things that no one has told you about. Here’s the inside information on what really happens on a honeymoon.

1. The journey will bring you closer

Any vacation where you share experiences and make memories connects two people, but there is something to be said when you check into a hotel for the first time as a married couple, just as it is a special thrill telling the waiter that They celebrate their first days as a husband and wife. It really hits you on your honeymoon that you are really together and it’s official.

2. Sex will not necessarily be an everyday occurrence

We conducted a survey of 138 newlyweds and asked how often they were busy. The answers ranged from several times a day to zero. The majority (32 percent) said they came down once a day.

One bride we interviewed said that she thought something was wrong if her husband wasn’t interested in sex every day. “When my husband refused to go to bed with me on the fourth day of our honeymoon, I called a friend and wondered aloud if there was already something wrong with our marriage. After all, shouldn’t you have sex every day, special vacation?”

There is no “should” – every couple is different and this bride is in good company: 28 percent of newlyweds said they were intimate every few days.

Another 28 percent replied more than once a day; 6 percent said the magic only happened once in the trip, and the last 6 percent said sex never happened at all.

3. Since we’re talking about getting busy, the actual wedding night might not be fireworks

“Couples cannot see how exhausted they can be after their wedding preparations, travel, and anniversary celebrations,” says Brotherson. “And after a long, if exciting, wedding day, the first night may not always be the best time to have a great sexual experience together.”

4. You learn new things about your spouse

You may think you know everything about your partner, but 21 percent of the brides we surveyed said they learned new things about them while on their honeymoon. “I’ve found that my husband likes spa treatments as much as I do,” said one bride. “He’s great on twisty country roads,” revealed another bride. “We shouldn’t be sea kayaking together,” admitted a third bride.

5. You share your newly married status

You may not be wearing “Mrs.” – labels everything (although you do it with pride) but you will definitely find yourself sharing the news. One bride shared that while she and her husband were in Maui, an elderly couple told her they had been married for 50 years. At this point the normally reluctant bride couldn’t help but blurt out: “We have been married for four days!”

Make sure you not only share the good news with fellow travelers but also mention it when you make your hotel reservation and check in. Most hotels and resorts have something special for the newlyweds – from free cocktails to room upgrades – so don’t be shy and take advantage of this special time in your life.

6. You might find yourself avoiding social media

Sure, you might want to check your phone and social media accounts occasionally, but many couples strike an agreement to try to stay away from social media and use it less than you normally would. The reason? You want to save special moments for both of you and for both of you alone. (Bonus: Avoiding social media will bring you back to tons of tagged wedding photos and comments that add to the special time for the newlyweds.)

7. You will wear sexy lingerie

When surrounded by snow-capped Rocky Mountains or warm tropical beaches, what you wear during the day may be your choice. However, you can pull out all the stops to create a special night ensemble that works regardless of the locale. Every honeymoon needs at least one sexy, special lingerie moment, and regardless of style, color, or cut – you’ll both be glad you packed it.

8. You will be pampered

While many would-be newlyweds follow strict diet, fitness, or lifestyle rules to prepare for their big day, relax and live a little (or a lot) during their honeymoon. Think about what enjoyment means to you as an individual and as a couple – and then do it. Whether it’s a few cocktails and a delicious dessert, a luxury spa treatment or two, or just alarms and schedules, change things up and let it all go to have the best fun possible.

9. You might just catch a sunrise

In your daily routine, sunrises usually mean alarm clocks and sunsets mean the day is up and someone else is on the way, but on vacation they are magical. Experiencing both can be a bit tiring, but take the time to share at least one with each other. Wake up early one morning and watch the sunrise from a special place. (Make sure you have the coffee ready.) Or, if waking up before dawn seems terrible to you, opt for the latter and curl up with some wine as you watch the sun go down on a fantastic day with your new spouse observe.

10. You will be taking tons of pictures

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but we believe that wedding and honeymoon photos are worth even more. Make sure to take tons of photos throughout your experience while maintaining a balance between being there in the moment and enjoying and being captured at the same time. You want to have specific memories of this unique journey that you can share over the years and generations. So shoot away and create an album or memory book when you return.

11. The honeymoon may not be what you expected

You have dreamed of this special trip long enough to make every imaginary moment perfect. To make sure you don’t miss out on what you’ve come up with, it is a good idea to discuss your expectations before boarding your flight. It can be “the best preparation for a wonderfully positive and fulfilling honeymoon experience,” says Brotherson.

12. You will be exhausted

Of course, your honeymoon will be filled with unforgettable and amazing moments, but remember not to get upset if something unexpected happens – it’s completely normal. “Most couples are exhausted,” says relationship expert April Masini. “You have planned the wedding, are stressed about the marriage, and take care of everyone but yourself.”

To counteract the exhaustion, Masini suggests couples have red eyes right from reception through to their honeymoon. “You probably sleep on the plane and arrive at your destination during the day,” says Masini. “You can take a nap and be ready for a first night – enter or take a few time zones – rested and ready to let off steam.”

Or, you can postpone your honeymoon for a week, a month, or even longer. “This gives you the opportunity to rest for a great honeymoon that you might otherwise be slumbering through,” notes Masini.

13. You could just stay in the hotel room and relax

What do people do on their honeymoon? Sometimes not much at all. One bride we interviewed said she was expecting an adventurous vacation in Cancun – but found that she and her groom had never left the honeymoon suite. “I’ve seen and read movies and he played video games,” she said. “It sounds so boring, but we both just wanted to relax.”

It’s not just about having to relax – it’s also about taking a day (or more) of your time to experience the big changes in life together.

After all the planning and fuss, we just wanted to be able to decompress and be with each other, completely away from the world.

“On the first day of our honeymoon, my husband and I stayed in the hotel room except to get something to eat. After all the planning and excitement, we just wanted to be able to relax and be together, away from the world. After that, we went out and did tons of outdoor activities, but first we retired in the room! ”Another bride shared.

14. You could fight – and that’s perfectly normal

What on earth could there be to struggle with on your honeymoon? Actually a lot. It can be difficult to be with someone around the clock, and that includes your new spouse.

“It is not uncommon for you to argue about your honeymoon as the emotions of the wedding are high,” says Dr. Jane Greer, relationship expert from New York. So you don’t have to speculate about “what this means for your future” – it just means that you are a normal couple.

The best thing to do after a disagreement is to take a breather. However, this is especially true if you are staying in close proximity with your SO

“Tell yourself to calm down and know that the more you yell, the worse it gets,” says Dr. Greer. “Take a few minutes to calm down, then regroup and agree to put the problem on hold.”

There’s never a good time to fight, but it’s especially rough when it happens just before you leave the door, whether it’s a romantic dinner or a surf class on the beach. As awkward as it may seem, Dr. Greer urges you to implement these plans. “In order not to ruin the rest of your trip, just remember that continuing the activities you planned with your partner can actually help you with your anger,” says Dr. Greer. “You can let them know that you are still upset and have feelings about your disagreement, but emphasize that you’d rather not let this issue spoil the fun time you planned together.”