Wedding ceremony Visitor Make-up: A Professional’s Information to Getting It Proper


You answered. You bought a present. You have chosen your outfit. Now is the time to start thinking about your wedding guest makeup strategy. Of course, finding the right balance between a fresh yet upscale look that lasts throughout the ceremony and reception is a delicate art.

“The ideal is luminous, illuminated by the skin, gently accentuated facial features and colors that work together harmoniously,” says make-up artist Carolina Dalí about her strategy. “Let the chunky glitter and blue lipstick sit out here. Photos are taken that will be shared for generations to come. You don’t want your makeup to look dated, so keep it as harmonious and fresh as possible. “

Another rule of thumb? “I always think that the guests should look fresh and beautiful, but remember not to overshadow the bride,” says make-up artist Jenna Kristina, who works with actors Zoey Deutch and Christian Serratos. Another winning starting point is the general mood of the wedding. “The makeup of the wedding guests should help improve the ambience of the wedding aesthetic,” says Jessica Smalls, who for example encourages leaning into warm sunset tones at an outdoor summer ceremony. From achieving a beautiful shine to protecting your eye make-up from melting, the professionals here give you their top tips and tricks for wedding guests.

Will glow

A natural shine starts with the right moisturizer. While Dalí was on Dr. Barbara Sturm, who “soothes the skin and wears it nicely under makeup,” relies on Bobbi Brown’s two-in-one primer moisturizer Face Base to moisturize the skin while increasing durability ensure follows. In terms of coverage, Dalí recommends using two different types of foundation so that you only shine in the right places. “Use [mattifying] velvet matte primer down the center of your face, around the folds of your mouth where your nose meets your cheeks, and a touch down the center of your forehead, ”she says. “Then use a separate tool to apply a glowing foundation such as the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation to the rest of the face and neck where it is needed and blend it well.” Keeping shine in check. After applying your foundation, Smalls recommends dusting your T-Zone – and all other areas prone to shine – with a setting powder, such as the Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder from ONE / SIZE, which offers a soft focus effect for a soft finish with a soft, fluffy finish Brush.

Bobbi Brown Vitamin-Enriched Face Base

Dr. Barbara Sturm face cream

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Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation

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Chanel Ultra Le Teint Foundation

Gently shape and highlight

When it comes to contouring, less is always more – especially at a wedding. “I’ve never been a fan of super contoured faces,” says Dalí. “The aim is to gently define the features, not to mask them or to change them completely.” In this sense, all three professionals have a preference for a cream-colored contour pencil such as make-up from Marios Soft Sculpt Shaping Stick, which thanks to its light, mixable Texture and the choice of flattering shades and undertones is a top favorite when it comes to modeling. “I like to apply it under my cheekbones and along my jaw, and then buff it out with a stiff brush,” says Smalls. “It instantly pops your cheekbones and slims your jaw.” Once you’ve sculpted your complexion, add a healthy flush. Not just on the cheeks, but everywhere. “Apply a light blush to the cheeks and all places where you would naturally turn pink if you were in the sun for too long,” instructs Kristina and suggests the temples, the tip of the nose and the bridge of the nose as well as the contours in front of the Eyes to “breathe life into the skin”.

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Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush

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Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Cream Face Palette

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Make-up from Mario Soft Sculpt Shaping Stick

One / Size Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder

Prime and define the eyes

In order to create the stage for eye make-up that doesn’t move, a primer “changes the game”, emphasizes Kristina, who is one of the first to drink Urban Decay’s cult favorite eyeshadow primer. “It’s clear so it won’t change the color of your shadows, and it’s great to apply too to prevent eyeliner from carrying over.” When designing your eye look, Kristina believes that a simple and clean look, like a soft smoky eye or classic cat’s eye, both aesthetic and easy to care for, is the way to go. Dalí emphasizes that it is important to also think about how your chosen look will photograph. “I like to stick with bronze, peach, earthy and pastel colors and stay away from overly loud eyeshadows that can look old-fashioned or dark as they tend to photograph even darker than you see them in person and your eyes see in pictures smaller. ”

Another thing to keep in mind is the texture. While creamy textures produce beautiful results on the skin, powder for the eye area is often the better choice. “I choose powder eyeshadow instead of creams, which tend to wrinkle or crack after hours of dancing and wearing,” explains Dalí. For eyeliner, whether you wear it alone or layer it over eye shadow, aim for a thin, clean, winged line. “Start with the eyeliner in the middle of your lash line and gradually get more defined as it extends into the outer corners of your eyes, then swing it up a little,” she says. “This technique will help you open your eyes and create an illusion of buoyancy.” Then you will likely be inclined to a waterproof mascara like Chanel’s Le Volume formula. “Just in case you get tears in your eyes or dance for hours, you want your mascara to stay in place,” says Dalí.

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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Creme Eye Shadow Stick

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MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline

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Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Waterproof mascara

Bulletproof pout

No matter what type of lip look you’re going for, you want it to make it through the festivities. All experts agree that nothing is more bulletproof than a matte liquid lipstick with a soft, powdery finish. The proven choice of Smalls is the Rouge Dior Forever Liquid from Dior, as it offers optimal coverage and at the same time feels pleasantly “light on the lip”. Before you tease it, she suggests filling your lips with a matching lip liner. Alternatively, Dalí loves to layer lip liner and gloss, which she considers to be an equally flattering and easy-care combination. “Use feather-light strokes to shade the lip liner into your lips, then apply lip gloss just to the bows and the center of the lips,” she says. “Don’t cover your lips completely with the gloss, so that your color wears off faster.” When choosing a color, it ultimately depends on what fits the overall harmony of the look. When in doubt, remember the old eye-or-lip make-up rule. “When choosing the focal point for your makeup look, choose either eyes or lips,” says Dalí. If you have a thick lip, wear a more natural eye, if you have a strong eye, choose a more natural lip color. “

Dior Rouge Dior Forever liquid lipstick

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Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

Serge Lutens Liquid Lip Tint

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Pat McGrath Labs Liquilust Matte Lipstick