Wedding ceremony trend: the white room


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“The White Room was created to redefine what a wedding dress should be and the shopping experience as a whole,” explains Pegeen Lamb. Her passion for the wedding boutique of which she is the creative director bubbles just below the surface as she continues: “We strive to create a space for brides in Minneapolis who don’t feel that their personal style is based on traditional bridal wear while creating an intimate atmosphere and an unforgettable appointment that you will cherish forever. “

The White Room was built according to these two basic principles: innovative bridal design and first-class customer service. Carmen Duerr, the owner of the White Room, has used her extensive background in these two areas to create the best possible experience for every future bride who walks the door.

“Our appointments are intimate and detailed,” explains Lamb. “You start with a stylist who will reach out to you and your group to get a feel for the mood of your wedding and the type of look you are hoping for. Our brides are then allowed to search the showroom and put on a handful of dresses that they were initially drawn to. “The stylists pay close attention to how their customers react to each of the dresses they try on, balancing their intimate knowledge of the dresses available with the customer’s feedback so they can“ draw dresses that will fit better on you Taste. We provide ideas and suggestions for styling and accessories and ultimately help you create a unique look that will make you feel great! “

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Given the time we are in the White Room, several new safety and hygiene protocols have been introduced. Lamb explains, “We have a small team of three who make sure every bride is in good hands and that every stylist invests deeply in their clients’ experience.” Personal appointments are still available and the boutique is doing everything possible to ensure that everyone who enters the White Room is safe – even amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, safety as an LGBT identifier goes beyond the pandemic. The White Room sees itself as an inclusive boutique and the entire team values ​​its LGBT customers. “We welcome absolutely everyone to our boutique and [are] We are constantly expanding our inventory to become more and more comprehensive! “Lamb says,” Our customers know that the only thing you have to be to feel like a bride is ready to marry your person. “

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Lamb can’t help but bubble a little further. “Our clientele is strong, fashionable, modern and artistic. We love working with brides who know who they are, who want to take a risk, who love unique luxury fabrics and who design their entire bridal look to make an impact. “This boutique loves people who want to explore their personal style in meaningful, unique ways and expand their fashion boundaries.

With that in mind, Lamb gave us a glimpse into three new trends emerging in wedding dress fashion this year: simplified necklines, capes, and statement sleeves. “A square or straight neckline is very popular right now,” says Lamb. “We find our minimalist brides stray from a sweetheart or a rounded neckline [and opting for] something more angular. ”

Tulle capes have been a unique alternative to veils for a while, but recently materials like crepe and wool have also become increasingly popular. Lamb smiles, “We’re seeing our fashion-conscious brides really embrace the magic of a bridal cape this year!”

Statement cases are perhaps the boldest of the three new trends. Little did we know we were ready to be back for the 80s until we saw how well our brides responded to our designers’ revamped attitude towards Princess Diana puffy sleeve! ”Lamb laughs.

Whether you want to try on the latest fashions or try something more traditional, I don’t have to tell you that the best way to find your dream dress is to make an appointment and try on some of them. With the knowledgeable and friendly support the team at The White Room is known for and the stunning clothing collection, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect dress for your special day and fall in love with it.

No matter what else might change in these strange times – you can control your dress.