Wedding ceremony trend: Right here you will see the whole lot you must find out about BRIDAL Chooda covers


Bridal fashion has now become a real thing. Each bride has her own style and prefers to do things her own way. If you are about to become a bride, you need to know about this latest bridal trend.

When it comes to fashion, wedding wear has something that makes it so different and special. From choosing the perfect lehenga to choosing a chic bachelorette party dress, a bride wants everything to be just perfect.Wedding outfits, engagement rings, and other accessories – a bride makes sure everything is to her taste. Not only that, but nowadays it’s also a thing to ingest choodas the way you want. A chooda is a set of white and red bangles traditionally worn by Indian brides on their wedding day and a few months after the wedding.

Thanks to the Bollywood divas, wearing fashionable choodas has become a trend. And brides these days are opting for bespoke chooda to match their wedding outfit. And while you might find gorgeous chooda designs to add to your outfit, finding a chooda cover can be a chore. Yes, the biggest bridal trend of 2019 is the bridal chooda cover.

If you still don’t know what we’re talking about, read below to learn more.

Bridal Chooda Covers

Previously, when the brides got married, their hands were covered with a piece of cloth as it is considered inconvenient for the bride to see the choodas before the wedding. And now that the brides are quite fashion conscious, they are trying to avoid the idea of ​​wearing handkerchiefs with their outfits. And that goes hand in hand with the trend towards chooda covers, which are now available in different colors and match the bride’s wedding outfit.

Where can you buy them:

Usually the bride prefers to have chooda covers that go with her outfits. So you can always ask our wedding outfit designer to sew a cover for you that goes with your outfit. Apart from that, some online portals will help you with this. However, getting it custom made to your liking is a better option.

How much do they cost::

It all depends on the type of material and design you choose. However, you can keep an estimate of anything between Rs. 3,000 to 10,000.

Well this is one of the nicest bridal trends we’ve seen lately. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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