Wedding ceremony trend: bridesmaids do with out beige pant fits in development pictures on typical marriage ceremony gown ▷ Information from Nigeria


As society continues to develop, it is becoming clear that people are more willing than ever to take more fashion risks.

While most women reserve fashion experiments for their everyday look, there are those who see nothing wrong with going against the trend of fashion on big, special days like the wedding day.

The couple looked stunning on their big day. Photo credit: @ focusstudio16
Source: Instagram

Such was the case with a Tanzanian lady identified as Jesca who recently married the love of her life.

While this was – undeniably – the highlight of their big day, something else stood out from their wedding day and that was their bridal team.

Bridesmaid in pant suits

Dresses – and in some cases, overalls – are a common choice for bridesmaids in white wedding trains. Because of this, photos of Jesca’s girls rocking pant suits have started popping up on the internet.

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The bridal team, consisting of four beautiful women with similar hairstyles, saw them posing in beige pantsuits with black camisoles.

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Bridal hairstyles

For many brides, the hairstyle is just as important as the wedding dress. In Nigeria, many brides tend to either rock their long natural hair or wear wigs that can be styled to their liking.

Well, Daisy – a Tanzanian beauty – made a gorgeous bride on her wedding day when she showed up with her natural hair in a low cut.

She didn’t just leave it at that though, she added a bit of color to her short locks to match her wedding look.

Barbie for a day

It’s one thing to follow trends and create stylish looks. However, it takes a lot of confidence, confidence, and courage to go for the unconventional, especially on a big day like your wedding.

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Destiny can relate to this, as wedding photos of the beautiful bride have shown. While most African brides tend to go for black, brown, or other subtle hair colors on their big day, Destiny did just the opposite.

The beautiful bride rocked a light green and blonde look for her wedding and she was undeniably a stunning sight!

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