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Wedding Rings For Men - Look At The Trends That Will Define 2021 - Times Square Chronicles

Although the Covid19 pandemic destroyed lives and hit the economy, it failed to dampen people’s spirit of staying in fashion. Indeed, restricted mobility and disturbed lifestyles cause too much stress. Still, the time spent thinking about fashion brings welcome relief and distraction from the somber atmosphere that lifts the mood. As we lag behind the memorable year of the pandemic and enter a new year, we focus on emerging fashion trends for men. Although wedding celebrations have been a success due to the pandemic restrictions, they haven’t been able to stop the free flowing men’s wedding fashion ideas that focus on men’s wedding rings.

Wedding rings like the one from Mensweddingbands, LLC have long been one of the most notable fashion accessories for men who prefer the bands to rings because they have enough leeway to experiment with design and style. The trend towards individualized style leads to the creation of new types of wedding rings that are likely to define the accessory in new ways.

The focus is on alternative metals

Metal wedding rings have been in vogue for years, and the choice of metals revolved around gold and silver. However, new metals such as titanium, tungsten, platinum and palladium are breaking into the fashion scene. Those who break the trend and are ready to go a different route now have many alternatives. All of these precious metals, with the exception of platinum, are not traditional for making jewelry and offer more options to create distinctive designs that carry the individual’s signature style. It is possible to get a wedding ring design with the most unusual metal that suits your budget.

More attention to comfort

Even the most stylish and elegant wedding bands could be a party spoiler if they aren’t comfortable enough to wear for long. Pinched skin is the most common design complaint with wedding rings and rings that have been cut so deep into the skin that it was impossible to wear them for more than a few minutes. To eliminate the problem, most modern men’s wedding rings have a beveled edge on the inside instead of a flat one to make them easier to put on and take off. Since men are not used to jewelry, the newfound comfort makes the bands the most attractive.

New designs and patterns

If you add more variety to the design, wedding rings will become more popular with men. Some new designs and patterns are popping up every day, and men can try some creative designs without limiting their choices to the traditional bands. Some of the fastest growing trends are engravings and carvings in wedding rings for men. Norse runes and Celtic knots are becoming increasingly popular. Combinations of different metals, special inlays and beveled edges offer more options.

For those who dare to go against the tide and try something that will make them stand out from the crowd, wooden wedding rings are also an option.