Wedding ceremony pictures and portraits of the week

Wedding photos and portraits of the week

Have you seen our latest photos of the day on social media? Every day we post a wedding photo or portrait on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that we consider to be one of the most interesting in its genre, and we ask the creatives behind the photos to detail the background story of the picture and their technical approach. Here’s what caught our attention this week.


Anu and Raghu couple were photographed at their California home, while wedding photographer Rimi Sen took pictures remotely via FaceTime.

“With not much work to do during the lockdown, I started exploring the concept of FaceTime and virtual shoots, much like my mentor Sephi Bergerson did,” says Sen, who was named an Rf 30 Rising Star in 2019 tries to bring in my style and experience of photographing wedding and couple portraits. It was a desperate attempt to keep doing something but I really enjoyed doing it in the end. ”

For this shoot, recorded on the couple’s iPhone using the CLOS app, Sen says that Anu first took them on a virtual tour of their house, and then Sen only experimented with natural light in the couple’s bedroom.

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Scott McIntyre photographed this picture of his son Ben in their driveway on a rainy afternoon.

“Ben is so great with my photo requests,” laughs McIntyre, “and most of the time I just ask him to sit around and be himself while I take some creative pictures of him. I actually tested my new Fuji GFX 50r with the GF 110mm . ” F2 lens and was simply overwhelmed by the capabilities of this system. We tested it in the studio for a while and then went out to take a few shots in natural light. “

McIntyre says of the shot – which he describes as a very Ben – “I love the textures and softness here, but the sharpness also blows me away. The medium format system renders so much detail that I’m glad I did it.” have.” the jump.”


This shot was taken in a 7-Eleven in Singapore’s Chinatown, says Eugene Tan HZ of Bottled Groove Photography.

I stumbled upon this spot by chance while walking around and knew we had to shoot there. I knew the drinks fridge would illuminate the couple due to the ability of the CineStill 800T in tungsten lighting situations. I also really like the cinematic feel of the setting. “

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Juna Medan from Jun Weddings in Malaysia attended this wedding ceremony after recording at Tanjung Batu Beach Bintulu in Sarawak, Malaysia.

“Tanjung Batu Beach is a popular recreational and picnic spot for locals and visitors,” says the photographer. “I instructed the groom to jump from the left platform to the right (a concrete bench). This was taken around 4:30 pm after a rainstorm and the sunlight was diffused through a cloud cover to create a soft light from the right.” “


This picture, captured during an engagement session for married couple Brittney and Brandon in Miami, is evidence of how the creative team has been able to stay safe and continue to work safely during the pandemic, according to photographer Vanessa + Johnny.

“I love taking pictures on the beach, especially now,” says Vanessa. “There’s a lot of space and wind there, and I feel like I can relax and connect with my subjects instead of worrying about the coronavirus.”

Vanessa says that during the initial consultation with the couple they talked about possibly going into the water after taking a few photos on the beach, so she brought her underwater case just in case. “One hour session turned into three because they had so much fun.”