Our wedding was originally supposed to take place at Bartle Hall in Preston, with 75 guests during the day and 125 in the evening. While it was disappointing to postpone the appointment, the first postponement was actually the easiest to deal with. It was the early stages of the pandemic, when the world was still getting a grip on the virus, and it made sense to put our plans on hold. We never dreamed that in a year we would be in the same position. What’s worse, it’s always been our dream to have a family, but we both agreed that we wouldn’t try to have a baby until after we got married. All of these delays have felt like not just our wedding but our entire life has been put on hold.

When the roadmap was announced earlier this year, we missed our second wedding attempt on June 18 by three days. I remember Nicola and I sitting in the living room in silence; with no idea what to do next. Once again we had to move all of our suppliers including the band, DJ, videographer and caterer. We had the option to continue with the wedding on July 15, 2021 or to wait for the next free Friday, which was September 2022. Nicola and I wanted to get married on a Friday, but we moved with some reluctance. Day until Thursday 15.

Nicola also had to put up with the fact that her grandmother Betty wouldn’t see her walking down the aisle. Betty had been like a second mother to Nicola and they lived together when she was younger. If our first date had been allowed, Betty could have come to the wedding. Unfortunately, she passed away in October 2020 at the age of 89, which put a heavy strain on Nicolas’ mental health. it felt like Betty was stolen from us at the wedding.

Sometimes it feels like a dark cloud is hanging over the occasion. Planning a wedding is supposed to be exciting, but everything we’ve felt in the past few months has been drained. Nicola has struggled with anxiety and depression in the past, and the constant uncertainty brought back many of those emotions in her. I tried to support them as much as possible, but it wasn’t easy for me either. For the past week we both had sleepless nights waiting for the final press conference; Every time we thought about the wedding, our stomachs would fall.

We try to stay optimistic – we rehearsed our first dance, tried the menu and Nicola had her dress adjusted. But after so many setbacks, we can’t get rid of the feeling that it could all be in vain again. I understand that the government’s priority is to keep everyone safe, but at major events like the euro and Royal Ascot, there is no point in delaying weddings any further.

The government needs to recognize that for many people a wedding is much more than just a day; It’s a chance to move forward as a couple and start a new chapter together. In this current climate, that feels impossible.

As Alice Hall tells