Viral Indo-Pak wedding ceremony shoot

Viral Indo-Pak wedding shoot

With stunning floral backgrounds and ultra-pretty pieces, these dreamy imagery got us to tie the knot right away. From gorgeous mirror work to subtle pops of color, this elegant wedding attire totally stole our little hearts.

The dreamy mirror work against the beautiful cream colored background lets us marry the next man we see.

Aren’t these dreams?

With the beautiful flower backdrop, this shot looks like something out of a fairy tale book.

In all honesty, we can only get married to look this amazing.

If these aren’t your wedding goals, what then?

Imagine dancing in your own sangeet in this pretty dress. *SCREAM*

If my husband doesn’t cry when I wear this, I don’t want him.

Groomsquad Targets!

From those dizzying gold tones to the fascinating mirror work, this piece makes our hearts melt.

We are absolutely thrilled with these breathtaking pieces.

Isn’t that perfect to wear on a special balmy day?

Not only we, but the people on the internet can’t stop fainting about it.

This is a shoot for the Abhinav Mishra designer label.
Aur main soch rahi thi covid my itni grand shadi kaun kar raha hai.

– Snigdha (@ SnigdhaBhatnag4) June 12, 2021

My fiancé will wear Abhinav Mishra Ka Sheeshay Wala Kurta on our mehndi, I don’t hear another word

– Drug Dealer (@dealerofdrug) June 11, 2021

Note: All images are from Abhinav Mishra’s Mastana collection.

Hello future husband. Where are they?