Viewers query Natalie’s face after seeing wedding ceremony photographs

Viewers question Natalie's face after seeing wedding photos

When Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist were preparing for their wedding in the “blue lagoon” at the last minute, 90-day fiancés could not recognize them in the pictures.

He and Natalie Mordovtseva prepared “tons of stress for other stresses”, as Michael Youngquist put it 90 days fiance Wedding day. With three months going up and down, Natalie and Mike had fights that ranged from fraudulent allegations to IQ bashing. Nonetheless, Natalie was looking forward to her provisional dream wedding at the Bauernteich with her ring on her finger. Finally seeing a future with Mike had finally brought happiness back to Natalie’s woody life. Amid the bad feeling for Natalie stuck in her helpless situation, they wondered what had happened to her face when she saw her wedding photos.

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Episode 14 of 90 Day Fiancé showed Natalie and Mike sharing some tender moments that their plot has so far been severely lacking. The couple had a cozy home with Uncle Beau, and they had 10 days before their visa expired. Despite the coronavirus with bad news about the closure of the Ukrainian borders and the fact that her mother couldn’t attend her wedding, Natalie smiled tearfully. And TLC viewers were proud of Natalie for letting go of her agonizing nature and being pleased with the humble pandemic wedding.

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“My first wedding was huge, we had a lot of guests, we rented a very expensive hotel, we spent a lot of money on it,” revealed Natalie, who is said to have been married twice. It seemed that the photos shown on 90-day fiancé might have been from Natalie’s second marriage, as 90-day fiancé fans had found some photos of her first, as previously reported. However, the fans could not recognize Natalie in the photos from episode 14, as Natalie’s eyes, as a Reddit fan emphasized, “pop out” and her face appears puffy. Some replied in the thread saying it was likely due to bulking or some combination of weight gain and poor makeup.

Natalie cooks Mike Kitchen Sequim at the 90-day fiancé

Natalie admitted that after the past three months she had only wanted to marry Mike, despite having wished for a fairytale wedding when she arrived in America. One day before their wedding, Natalie announced that the ceremony would only bring Uncle Beau, her neighbor Tamara and a minister Teresa to her friend Svetlana. The former actress also confessed that she wanted a wedding by the sea, “with music, with flowers. Like guests and a nice party ”, but since Mike couldn’t afford one, she had one“ next to the pond ”which Natalie jokingly called the“ blue lagoon ”.

Wouldn’t it be a fair comparison to see Natalie in her bridal look again when she walks down the aisle with her third husband Mike? Although it looks like Mike canceled his 90-day fiancee wedding on D-Day, rumors suggest the couple eventually got married. In that case, it might be a prank, or Mike’s way of getting revenge, but Natalie might eventually become Mrs. Youngquist.

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90 days fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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