[VIDEO] ‘The Good Physician’ Season 5 Trailer: Shaun & Lea Wedding ceremony Pictures

[VIDEO] 'The Good Doctor' Season 5 Trailer: Shaun & Lea Wedding Photos

The Good Doctor cordially invites you to the season’s wedding event – and TVLine has your exclusive first look.

The first season 5 promo that you can see above is mostly focused on Shaun and Leaa’s upcoming wedding. Before the ceremony, we’ll see Dr. Murphy deep in the operation with Lim and Park … and deep in conversation about the big day. The chief warns Shaun that “planning a wedding is a huge undertaking,” but the resident is not concerned. “The only thing that counts for me is to marry Lea,” he says.

However, his future bride is clearly stressed and seems to be awakened by a nightmare in the middle of the night. What follows is a look at Shaun and Lea at the altar … and a possible case of cold feet.

At the premiere on September 27, entitled “New Beginnings”, the upcoming engagement party of Shaun and Lea “has everyone in a festive mood after their return from Guatemala,” says the official summary. “Meanwhile, a young single mother learns that her son may have cancer from a surprising source, and Mateo (new series regular Osvaldo Benavides) finds out if his previous problems will be resolved in America.”

In addition, TVLine can exclusively reveal the first photos from the season 5 opener when Shaun and Lea meet up with their closest friends to celebrate their engagement. Check out the images below, each accompanied by a teaser from executive producer David Shore …