Vacation spot weddings or luxurious honeymoons? Value evaluation to help decision-making


If there’s one thing Millennials are absolutely certain about, it’s their idea of ​​happiness – one that doesn’t focus on material things or career status. They believe in a meaningful life in which they like to create, share and hold on to memories that have arisen through experiences. According to a millennial-year survey by Eventbrite, 78% said they would rather spend their money on a desirable experience than on a desirable property. And that focus on experience has a direct impact on the wedding industry. More and more millennials are choosing destination weddings because the experience exceeds the gifts they received at a big, fat wedding reception at home.

Marriages are made in heaven, but they require considerable resources to take place on earth

Your “big day” is an unforgettable event for you and your loved ones attending the ceremonies. In this day and age, a lavish wedding affair is more of a desirable necessity, which is why India is witnessing a tremendous increase in the wedding scene in the destination. According to MRSS India’s wedding tourism report, the Indian wedding market is set at INR 110,000, of which around INR 23,438 is due to a destination wedding. The number is expected to double at an astonishing rate to INR 45,000 crore by the end of 2020 and thrive at 25-30% per year.

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From fashion designers, event planners, florists to caterers, an efficient team is essential to make your special day truly incredible. An average Indian wedding can cost anywhere from 20 lakhs to 5 crores. This means that a person spends almost a fifth of their total wealth accumulated in their life on their wedding.

There are many options for a destination wedding in India. However, some places like Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala, and Uttarakhand are high on the list of personalized, themed weddings. If you are looking for the perfect setting for a “royal” wedding, Rajasthan is your best bet, while Goa and Kerala are ideal for beach weddings. Many nature lovers choose Uttarakhand resorts to be clicked with spectacular mountain backdrops.

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However, for some couples, honeymoons can be even more exciting than the wedding itself

If you’re a beach-goer who wants to soak up the sun on a paradise beach or explore a mountain landscape on a newlywed adventure, your honeymoon will be one of the most special holidays you will ever spend with your partner. Of course you like to spend a lot of money. Here are some options to consider when planning your sweet free time:

The Maldives offers some incredibly luxurious getaways – you can spend your days with your partner, doing water sports, enjoying massages under the Maldivian sun, and enjoying the privacy of overwater villas. Packages start at INR: 1.5 lacs per person and can go up if you decide to spend more days there or hop more islands.

The Seychelles are ideal if you want a beach vacation and b / w island hopping. Cycling along the coast, enjoying fresh seafood, lounging on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world – all of this is part of Seychelles hospitality. Honeymoon packages start at INR: 55,000 pp.

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If there was one clichéd place that exudes magic, it is France. Nothing means romance like a French honeymoon in Paris (where else) ?. Visit the Bordeaux vineyards and / or the coastal towns of the French Riviera. With parcels from INR 70,000 PP you can be amazed by the country.

And if you fancy a winter wonderland, Finnish Lapland is for you. Visit Rovaniemi, also known as Santa’s hometown, for wonderful reindeer sleigh rides or a husky safari in the arctic forests. Rent a romantic lodge in the wilderness and enjoy a surreal honeymoon in Finland with packages from INR: 80,000 pp.

New Zealand is for people who love to stay in B & Bs and drive through a country dotted with some of the most beautiful beaches, fields of flowers and picnic areas in the world. Take advantage of this fascinating place to take advantage of INR: 1.00 lac.

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Well, now that you have it all set up – a big fat wedding in your destination that includes your family and friends, or a more private, lavish honeymoon where you can spend some precious moments with whoever you just started your life with have – it’s for you Decide where to make money. If you don’t think of money when looking for experiences, go for both, say!