Underneath the brand new Covid guidelines, brides and grooms could also be prohibited from kissing at their wedding ceremony


Some brides and grooms may not be allowed to kiss at the altar if the wedding reception is allowed to resume next month.

A new government rule means that lovers can only smooch or have a first dance if they lived together before the ceremony.

Celebrations for up to 15 people are permitted in places of worship, public buildings, or outdoors when lockdown restrictions wear off April 12, Sun reports.

However, social distancing rules still apply, and there is no exception for newlyweds from different households.

The official government rules state: “In any activity related to the reception or celebration, all parties, especially those from separated households / bladders, should adhere to the social distancing guidelines: 2 meters or 1 meter with mitigation (where 2 meters not are viable)) like wearing face coverings. “

Some brides and grooms are not allowed to kiss at the altar if wedding celebrations are allowed in the next month

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“Dancing should not be permitted due to the increased risk of transmission, and dance floors may be used for additional customer seating or other relevant purposes to ensure that this complies with social distancing guidelines.

“The only exception is the couple’s ‘first dance’.”

Sir Paul Coleridge, a former High Court judge who set up the Marriage Foundation think tank, has ruled the order “bizarre.”

A new government rule means that lovers can only smooch or have a first dance if they lived together before the ceremony

He told the Daily Mail, “After restricting wedding celebrations to just six people, bizarrely they are ordering those from different households, which may include the bride and groom, to keep their distance.

“This advice is based on the false assumption that all couples live together before they get married, which is simply not the case.”

It is predicted that if there is any confusion about the rules, 7,000 weddings will be postponed or canceled.

The UK Weddings Taskforce has accused the government of disagreement with seven out of ten wedding venues remaining closed until the lockdown is further eased on May 17th.

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Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has promised to ease the easing as planned and promised to be back at the pub “in a few days”.

The Prime Minister announced he can’t wait to go to the barbers when they reopen as he looks forward to his first beer at his eatery after the nation’s drunkards are back in business on April 12 .

Speaking at the Conservative Spring Virtual Forum on Saturday, he said nothing in the data shows the government should slow the roadmap out of the long coronavirus lockdown.

He said, “In just a few days I’ll finally be able to go to the hairdressers.

“But more importantly, I’ll be able to walk down the street and carefully but irreversibly, I’ll have a pint of beer in the pub.

“And from today’s perspective, I can’t see anything in the data that is stopping me from continuing on our path to freedom, unlocking our economy, and getting back to the life we ​​love.”