Todrick Corridor requires a boycott of anti-LGBT marriage ceremony venues

Todrick Hall poses on the red carpet

Todrick Hall. (Getty)

Todrick Hall has urged people to boycott anti-LGBT + wedding venues after a gay couple was turned down because of the owner’s “religious beliefs”.

The 36-year-old American rapper was furious at TMZ about how Mike Gill and Coty Heaton turned down Barn in the Bend, a rustic wedding venue in Madison, Tennessee.

Gill and Heaton only came to the venue so the owner could email them off. “We don’t offer same-sex marriages here,” she said, “I’m sorry, but I chose this policy because of my religious beliefs.”

“I think there are a lot of people who argue that privileges exist, they don’t just exist for people who are white in this country – they exist for people who are straight,” said an angry Hall.

Todrick Hall wants a boycott of anti-gay venues that refuse to host queer couples

“I hope people will turn to this company and hold them accountable and allow them to prevent even the people in their own community from starting. That’s not okay, that’s not acceptable – it’s 2021.

“When someone marries, it is not your job to determine whether or not you think the marriage should be legal. Let her get married. “

Speaking to Los Angeles International, the American Idol star urged queer newlyweds to move their business elsewhere from anti-LGBT + establishments.

Hall thanked the couple for speaking up about the homophobia they had faced before adding, “Go elsewhere, don’t give this company your business.

“I hope someone will get in touch so you can have a great wedding that you and your family and friends will feel welcome to attend. Times are changing.

“I would never go to this place,” he continued.

“I no longer feel like we’re in a place where we should fight to be there for you to host a gay wedding in your shop or facility is a compliment because we have the best wedding host were the most fabulous people.

“It’s her loss.”

Todrick Hall’s remarks come after Barn in the Ben owner Jackie Daniel organized a “tour” for the couple. Under her email signature was initially: “We only offer same-sex marriages.”

But after exchanging more emails, Gill noticed that her signature had been updated to make it clear that the company is actually not holding ceremonies for same-sex couples.

Gill described her on Facebook as “Bigot” and told TMZ that they don’t want to get a place in the barn at Ben in sharing their story, but reinforce that such intolerance is still widespread.