This photograph of a bridesmaid pumping in wedding ceremony images goes viral

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There are many stories about “bridesmaids” – but Rachael Downs is not one of them. In fact, she encouraged her maid of honor Allison Hepler to pump during her wedding photos – and they’re going viral now.

The photo was taken in October 2019 but is making the rounds on social media a year later. Downs, 28, is a nurse in Alabama and cared for her own daughter for 18 months so she knew the challenges. “I know how it is. I actually pumped at Allison’s wedding. We just didn’t get any photos! “Downs told TODAY parents, adding,” The groomsmen got their pictures done early so I got Allison and she was like, ‘I just have to finish pumping. ‘

Then Downs and her photographer Amber Fletcher got the idea to let Hepler pose for the photos with her pump. A now viral photo shows Hepler using an electric breast pump and holding the pump’s motor in place of an ostrich like the other bridesmaids.

The post already has over 5,000 likes and 2,000 comments, with one person commenting, “This bride is absolutely fantastic. What a friend’s treasure! I see far too many stories in my breastfeeding groups about bridesmaids throwing seizures at the party, leaving for some reason, or “bothering” the wedding in some way. These women need such a girlfriend. “

Another person wrote, “Best. Damn. Thing. On. The Internet. Kudos to you, this amazing bride / girlfriend (not a selfish bone in her body) and this mother who said, “I can be a good mother and a good friend AND take care of my needs at the same time.”

A third person also commented, “I love this. Support the bride by being there and support the bridesmaid by not worrying about having her pump. I wish I had friends like that. “

“We never thought it would explode like this,” Downs told the outlet. “But I’m glad it was like that.”