He remembers sighing at his future wife, who looked like a “goddess”, as she dealt with a flutter of helpers from Purple PR on The London EDITION. “The whole thing was exactly what I wanted to do for jazz, but I didn’t know how to do it,” he says. To Elphick-Pooley, the groom looked like “the prettiest man”. And Mahtani, showing her hidden talent for wedding photography, agreed that both looked “epic”. “It felt like being in a movie,” says the creative who watched the couple bring to life a Laura Hendricks quote – “Love is friendship on fire” – that she thought about a lot.

Alighieri dishes were the perfect finish to the Rochelle canteen, along with antique vessels from Rosh’s own collection.

Rosh Mahtani

Rosh found the whole process that was originally started to help young couples whose plans were affected by Covid-19 a “really nice step away from what people think fashion should be about,” she explains. “It’s about sentimentality.” After Will was moved to tears with all the love and generosity that day – “It’s a big, big world, but that has proven that there will always be people who will take care of you,” the newlyweds say more realistically People work.

The bride, a true “goddess”, and the groom, who had come to love himself a little more, got ready and stayed at the London EDITION.

Rosh Mahtani

The feeling of respect and admiration for “authenticity” is mutual. “You don’t experience this authenticity too often in everyday life,” explains Page. “Often times things can be soulless, and everything about it felt like it had a very big soul and a very big heart.”

In this ice-cold Lily Vanilli treat? “Delicious” matcha biscuit and vanilla cream.

Rosh Mahtani

Alighieri Il Leone necklace

Alighieri The Olive Earrings