Rabab Hashim seems overjoyed when she recently tied the knot. Soon after her Nikah, she also celebrated her 32nd birthday.

The fairytale wedding is finally over, and photos of the princess are becoming increasingly popular on the internet.

However, new photos from the Nikaah and Rukhsati events were revealed. These photos certainly give a couple of important goals.

The ‘Qaraar’ actress is a true example of simplicity and beauty. She looks graceful and beautiful.

Check out more great photos from the event:

Rabab HashimRabab Hashim

Rabab’s career:

Embark on your acting journey from an antagonistic character; “Maya” in her first play in 2012, “Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi”, Rabab took on the role to the best of his ability.

She delivered some real megahit dramas like “Zid”, “Piya Man Bhaye”, “Anaya Tumhari Hui”, “Mohabbat Khawab Safar” and “Ishq Na Kariyo Koi”.

In addition, the versatile actress had perfectly pronounced the challenging roles on the screens with her innate talent and charm.

Over the years, she has managed to flawlessly display a dozen different types of characters on screen.

However, Hashim has proven herself as an established actress and is quickly stepping onto the ladder of success.