These spring wedding ceremony developments are stylish – and out of doors the field

These spring wedding trends are chic - and outside the box

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When the engagement season is in full swing, it is time to ponder all the details, ideas, and inspirations required for an otherworldly and original celebration. From the latest prints of the season to new versions of blooms, table settings and guest experiences, BAZAAR Bride is here to give you more inspiration than ever before.

It seems like everything natural, unique is taking over the customization – and focusing on planning a great party, not just a pretty event – what’s in store for spring. Here are our favorite ideas for wedding celebrations in spring 2020.

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Woman flowers

Flowers for spring? Groundbreaking.

We never get tired of talking to fashionable flowers, but when made in soft, pastel spring patterns like this Tuileries Gardens-inspired wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier in Fall 2020, it feels effortlessly fashionable and innovative. Be honest, we won’t get over floral prints anytime soon – but we encourage you to keep your choices seasonal. When it comes to a summer soiree, opt for heavier and lighter flowers. For fall or winter, choose gem-colored flowers for a moody feeling.


Picturesque pallets

All things that go red have become way too common in the world of weddings. We said it there.

Skip styling your bridal shower, decor, and more in basic blush and reinvent the standard shade with shades of lilac, sky, pistachio, buttercup, and more. Add organic elements, lots of greens, and flowers in the same hues for a palette that is suitable for fashion fans as well as romantics and globetrotters.


Sample settings

When nature returns to itself, it is difficult not to embrace all things in the open air. But instead of looking rustic or floral, we think of the creatures and specimens that come out of hiding in spring. Try companion cards with printed or rehydrated butterflies. Or, opt for bugs, birds, and bees hand-painted onto your paper suite and place settings. If you’re looking for a more feminine and classic version, we love these stunning plates from the Christian Lacroix Butterfly Collection by Maison de Carine. Regardless of your particular aesthetic, channel the natural world to add a seasonal element to your flowers, tables, and overall theme.


Flowers like the royals

This is one of the best times of the year for stunning floral flowers. It can be tempting to ask your florist to supply walls, arches, aisles, and more with your favorite flowers. Instead of going over the top opulently, try a lush look inspired by an English garden, the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Windsor Castle.

Trust us to celebrate the season and make your flowers glow is far more chic than living design elements that look unnatural. Skip the geometric contortions and spherical flower shapes. Let your flowers live in their natural state this season.

For royal wedding florists Shane Connolly (who designed the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) and Philippa Craddock (who designed the Harry & Meghan wedding pictured here), garden-inspired greatness is most sustainable when produced sustainably . Ask if your suppliers use floral foam that is harmful to the environment. Go a step further and make sure that the installations are composted whenever possible after a failure.


Inspirational corridors

Don’t forget about the ceremony as you design your epic event – we are all here, after all.

So don’t leave the decor to simple urns, aisle runners or backrests. Get inspiration from some of Hollywood’s biggest events and fashion. After all, corridors are personal versions of runways and red carpets. Focus on an epic view and stand against it in the perfect place. Whether you choose a look that compliments the upcoming reception or design your own look for your vow exchange, let your ceremony decor get even better. We love this cliff-top walk and chuppah in Capri inspired by Tory Burch’s Fall 2018 runway show designed by Jung Lee of Fete NY.


Cheeky seating plans

Calligraphy and beautifully designed place cards are elegant and chic, but the good vibes from the moment your guests arrive carries the message that they should get ready for an epic party.

Try out messages that your guests can use, such as: B. a companion drink that tells you where to find your seat. Make sure the drink in question is consumed quickly and matches the tone of your event. The whiskey shots pictured here kicked off a Burning Man-inspired dance night in Aynhoe Park – but a dainty aperol spritz, glass of champagne, a taste of tequila or your favorite cocktail as a couple could just be submerged in note or name for each, like this one, which are characterized by equally cheeky tables with the names “You are the ultimate”, “You are a legend”, “You are the creme de la creme”, “You are the greatest” and “You are” are unbeatable “what the Showed guests their seats.


Fresh fruit

Skip the mason jars and over-the-top embellishments, and trade any overused Pinterest faux pas for fresh fruit.

Stick to soft greens and seasonal produce for centerpieces that feel fresh and not stressful. Think lemons and lavender for spring and strong citrus fruits and berries in summer. Persimmons and apples work for fall, and cracked pomegranates, Concord grapes, and figs feel rich in winter. Integrate all fruits or flavors highlighted in the table landscape into a (preferably) menu from the region to achieve a multi-sensory, seasonal experience. When seated at a table like the one pictured here, think of lemon-and-brick chicken as a main course or lemon cake or limoncello served for dessert.


Nice swimwear

Drop the dress for at least one of your events. Put on a wow factor suit – but make it a bridal suit – for a welcome event, pool party, or after-after party. Brazen bridal looks sizzle when done right. So keep them classy with a white one-piece designed under a sheer lace attachment or just put on a suit for a photo session by the water with your photographer. Our favorite example of this look, right? Devin Windsor. The bride pictured here designed two custom-made swimsuits for her pre-wedding beach party and completed the look with bespoke cover-ups and overskirts.


Let them eat cake

The truth about dessert at a wedding is that when you bake cakes it should feel like an extension of you as a couple and the event itself – not an afterthought. The taste – and the decor – should be seasonal. Even better? Except for the decor, everything should be edible. While fondant looks beautiful, it isn’t always the tastiest; Use it wisely. This cake by Loria Stern for a recent wedding planned by Mindy Weiss is a case in point.


Skip brunch. Dance all night

All of your guests will thank us for telling them: Skip the relaxing brunch. They came to celebrate with you, but even you won’t want to worry about going off an alarm the next morning. Nobody likes to wake up early, hangover, most likely in their makeup from last night, and have to sit down for a meal they’d rather sleep through. Instead, plan a late night party with delicious food served in the early hours of the morning so everyone can let go, sleep in and wake up much more refreshed with amazing memories of the previous night.

If you insist on a relaxing brunch, make yourself comfortable. Provide transportation, make it optional, or instead leave a note in the rooms where room service is offered with your supplements.

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