The yr of superstar weddings


If there was a year to look back on easily with all of the weddings that have taken place throughout its duration, it would be 2019.

Be it your best friend or your cousin’s best friend, you’ve probably attended at least two weddings this year, even if it was just through Instagram.

If not, you couldn’t have missed all of the beloved celebs who tied the knot this year – from surprise announcements to long engagements, some of our celebrities have taken the plunge and made it official with their better halves.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain

When Yasir Hussain became famous at the Lux Style Awards this July, an unsuspecting Iqra Aziz was a puddle of emotions and said yes to the “love of her life”. Almost six months of engagement and lots of fun, the duo teased the knot on December 28th in a nightly Nikkah ceremony with friends and family.

Ahead of intimate mehendi and mayun events, Iqra chose Nomi Ansari to create a bespoke all-red bridal ensemble for her big day, not so easily resembling something Priyanka Chopra wore on the ramp, not to mention Hania Amir .

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar

Photo: Instagram / Mahas Photography

A month after Yasir’s public proposal, Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wedding card was making the rounds on social media, sending fans into a frenzy. As it turned out, the rumors were true, and Hamza tied the knot with Naimal in what was sure to be the most talked-about wedding in Pakistan of recent times.

Naimal’s minimal glamor exuded a timeless old-world charm that quickly catapulted her into the mainstream as a style icon – she topped Google’s list of trends in Pakistan this year. The couple decided to stay out of the limelight after getting married – but Naimal’s looks have inspired many a bride this wedding season.

Iman Aly and Babar Bhatti

Photo: Instagram / inanalytisch

In perhaps the most surprising news of Iman Aly’s life in recent years, the model married Babar Bhatti in a relatively quiet ceremony in February of this year. Although some of her colleagues attended the wedding, it wasn’t a big social media event and the bride chose to only post a handful of pictures from her big day.

The model cum actress looked just as gorgeous as you’d expect, and delicately selected traditional ensembles for all of her events – a mehendi event that doubled as a Nikkah event and a Valima reception.

Mira Sethi and Bilal Siddiqui

Photo;  Instagram / mira.sethi

Breaking away from the lavish wedding trend, Mira Sethi decided to get married to her close friends and family on a confidential matter. The talented actress who chose her childhood friend as a partner for life and created the most understated wedding look of the decade! “I put my make-up on myself, pulled my hair into a ponytail and married the love of my life,” said Mira, describing her wedding look.

Ali Xeeshan and Myra Khan

Photo: Instagram / Mahas Photography

The quirky designer, who never hesitates to experiment, got married in an elaborate ceremony attended by the who’s who of the fashion and entertainment brotherhood. The bride, Myra Khan, echoed Naimal’s mood with a flushed, minimal makeup look and a timeless, blushing pink ensemble to tie them together. The ceremony caused a stir on social media thanks to the great setup and arrangements at the venue, not to mention the star power at the event!

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