How to plan the perfect wedding in 2021

Weddings are joyful occasions when the families and friends of the happy couple get together for a festive day.

Weddings vary enormously in size and type, from small, intimate occasions to large weddings for hundreds of people, for which wedding furniture often has to be rented. However, this is normal times. Of course, 2020 turned all worlds upside down …

While almost no industry has survived the COVID-19 pandemic unscathed, it is fair to say that weddings, events and the hospitality industry have been more drastically affected than others. Lockdown literally meant closing the doors of thousands of venues across the country. And while over the course of 2020 at the end of the tunnel there seemed to be light with a gradual relaxation of measures, those were quickly restored when we were in the middle of the second wave. At the time of this writing, the UK vaccination program has proven to be a great success while it continues!

After the write-off of 2020, wedding venues as well as the bride and groom are looking forward to these special occasions again. While many wedding venues often offer wedding packages with everything, here is our checklist from Furniture rental and everything you need for weddings If you are a newlyweds who are starting your wedding planning from scratch …

Table and chair rental – Even if this seems obvious, there is a whole world of choice out there! Take into account the space in your venue, the number of guests invited, and your preferred layout. As a rule, at weddings you will find a top table for the happy couple together with their immediate family – you can use interconnected trestles for this. Your guests will usually be seated at round banquet tables – these come in a variety of sizes, with 6-foot round tables being the most popular and seating up to 10 guests. And don’t forget the chairs! Check out Instagram or your favorite bridal magazine and you will find chiavari chairs with lime wash as this really is the right wedding chair in all of the UK. Of course, if you don’t want to be traditional then consider other types of chairs and tables – the world really is your oyster!

Rent a portable bar – An important consideration for many people when choosing their wedding location is the cash prices! If there is already a bar there, is it affordable and big enough to provide quick service to your guests? The last thing you want at your wedding reception is a long line at the bar to buy expensive drinks. If your venue doesn’t have a bar, don’t worry – portable bars are usually available as modular bars. This means you can rent multiple items that will then fit together to create the bar of the size and shape that meets your requirements.

Rent a dance floor – Don’t forget the dance floor! Everyone loves a dance at a wedding reception, so you need to allocate space for this when planning your room layout. Most temporary dance floors come in panels that are simply joined together to make the party dance floor size you need for your wedding.

Rental of garden furniture – This is often overlooked by brides and grooms. So keep in mind that your wedding venue will likely have both an outdoor and an indoor area. So use it! By renting outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor rattan furniture, and other outdoor furniture, you can create a welcome outdoor space like a relaxation area – so people can enjoy the setting sun! Of course, you may actually be holding your wedding ceremony outdoors. In this case, you definitely need to rent garden furniture!

What makes weddings in 2021 different from any other year? Well, not much in terms of furniture rental. However, what will make weddings in 2021 unique and memorable is the ambience, excitement, pleasure of being with friends and family, and basically the fact that we can!

Enjoy every moment of your special day and the pure emotion of the occasion … and congratulations!