The police canceled the unlawful marriage ceremony ceremony with a effective for everybody current

The police canceled the illegal wedding ceremony with a fine for everyone present

Police fined a number of people after breaking up an illegal wedding party.

Officials were called to an address in the Heolgerrig area of ​​Merthyr Tydfil on Saturday evening after receiving reports of people gathering in violation of coronavirus regulations.

Although the Welsh government is lifting the travel ban in Wales from Saturday, ending the “stay local” rule, people are still prohibited from gathering around the house with people from other households. Up to six people from two different households can meet and exercise outdoors.

It is unclear how many people attended the event in the Heolgerrig area on Saturday night, but police fined eight people upon their arrival.

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In February, the Welsh government allowed licensed wedding venues such as visitor attractions and hotels to reopen, but only allowed wedding and civil partnership ceremonies to be held.

The number of people who can attend depends on the size of the venue and its ability to allow people from different households to observe social distancing. Wedding receptions or other social gatherings after the ceremony remain prohibited.

The Welsh Government manual states: “Many people will want to celebrate the occasion with a reception or other form of social gathering with friends and family. Four receptions are prohibited on alert.” You can read the full rules here.

One person who did not attend the event but knew other invitees told WalesOnline: “A secret wedding was taking place on private land in an abandoned barn.

“The police arrived at the scene and guests were seen walking away from the event. I know people who were invited to the event and it was public that everyone could see it on Snapchat cards.”

South Wales police said there were eight people in attendance, but a picture shared with WalesOnline appears to show several more guests enjoying the festivities.

A South Wales Police spokesman said: “At around 5:20 pm on Saturday evening, officials attended a speech in the Heolgerrig area of ​​Merthyr Tydfil after reports of a gathering in violation of the Welsh government’s Covid regulations.

“If they were present, all those present were issued fixed criminal charges (eight) and were advised to leave the premises.”

It comes from the fact that Caerphilly police this weekend also imposed a series of fines on those who broke coronavirus rules.

Gwent police said Sunday that officials in Rhymney had issued five firm criminal charges for violating Covid rules and that officials had visited an address in Maesycwmmer to get reports of a house party attended by a person from Torquay was to attend.

On Twitter, they added: “This will not be tolerated.”

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