The pandemic is urging some couples to hold wedding takeovers

Couples having double weddings

Some couples in New York had to postpone their wedding so often that they got married in a small ceremony anyway and are now aiming for a bigger celebration.

For Lauren Kuehn, the past year was more than stressful, both emotionally and financially. She knows countless other brides can relate to it.

“We had all the money locked up in the wedding, in both weddings, so it was definitely a bit of a challenge,” said Kühn.

The Long Island teacher was due to marry Joe, her current husband, in April last year, just weeks after the pandemic. The reception has since been postponed three times, but the couple officially tied the knot in a small ceremony in July. Their big party is now set for next month where they will be spending tens of thousands of dollars in addition to a few thousand already spent on their small reception.

Holding these mini-ceremonies, or “minimonies” as they have been called, is a trend that the Piermont venue in Babylon has seen a lot of. In fact, the venue offered its place to its brides and grooms for free in order to keep minimums.

“Everyone was under tremendous stress and was just one way for us to relieve their stress and do something that would be memorable and make the most of a terrible situation,” said Steven Squitiro, the owner of the Piermont.

Just last week wedding venues and catering halls in New York got the green light to expand their capacity to 50% with a maximum of 150 people. With so many weddings canceled last year and postponed for this year, it has been difficult for Nicole Companion and her fiancé Danny to find a wedding date in the near future.

“Definitely because people had to postpone their weddings and then everyone who got engaged was quick to book,” said Companion. “Only the Piermont had our date available after touring and talking to a group on the phone and talking online. I had a table of 30 venues that I talked to.”

In addition to the financial burden that Long Island brides have to contend with, they must now request proof of COVID negative test results or proof of vaccination from all guests before attending the celebration on their wedding day.