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Just before the wedding, newly engaged couples prepare for the upcoming year of marriage.

But as more and more people move away from conventional wedding days and the various traditions associated with them, new twists and modern attitudes for the celebrations emerge.

It now seems like the wedding industry isn’t all that dissimilar to the fashion industry as both are based on a constant trend cycle.

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To find out which wedding trends are at the top of the list this year, the global fashion search platform Lyst analyzed the online shopping behavior of more than 100 million shoppers per month who search, browse and buy fashion in 12,000 designers and online shops.

The “Wedding Report” also took into account social media metrics, influencing and branding tracking, cross-platform mentions of products, hashtags, and related keywords.

What are the main trends for 2020? Here are the styles designed to define this year’s wedding season for brides and their guests.


Sustainability is more than just a fashion trend and the wedding industry is taking note of this.

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According to Lyst, brides are becoming increasingly aware of the financial and environmental implications of a wedding when it comes to their big day outfits.

The shift in attitudes towards sustainable fashion continues to affect the bridal market, and more and more brides are looking for vintage pieces. The online search for wedding dresses with the words “vintage”, “second hand” or “used” has risen by 38 percent year-on-year and averages almost 19,000 searches per month.

Lyst also highlights an increase in the search for simpler, more minimalist wedding outfits that are out of date and can be worn long after the wedding day ends.

The search for timeless slip dresses from Asceno, Galvan and Rasario rose 64 percent from the previous quarter, while searches for white blazers and white overalls rose 19 percent and 36 percent, respectively.

The Little Women Effect

Puff sleeves, a trend inspired by the costumes in Greta Gerwig’s 1868 adaptation of the novel Little Women, are set to be big news for brides this year as the search for the style increases 38 percent year over year.

When it comes to the brands to watch, Lyst highlights Perlmutt and Cecilie Bahnsen as the most wanted labels among consumers looking for big sleeves.

However, 2020 is also predicted to be dominated by the oversized tulle and overly romantic dresses designed by Simone Rocha. Search has grown steadily 45 percent over the past year, and pageviews have increased 64 percent in the 24 hours following the Fall / Winter 2020 show.

Medium length wedding dresses also saw an increase in demand with 27 percent more medium length white dresses on Lyst year on year.

The rise of the two-parter

This year, the modern bride values ​​personal style and comfort over convention.

For 2020, Lyst says two-piece bridal ensembles are on the rise after a number of high-profile celebrities including Zoë Kravitz, Ellie Goulding, and Hillary Duff wear them to their own wedding receptions.

According to Lyst, ASOS is the breakout brand in this category. More than 3,500 brides wear the ASOS Edition maxi dress with a lace top on their wedding day.

It’s all in the details

As wedding dresses keep getting simpler, brides are giving more prominence to accessories like hair bows and pearl earrings, with both seeing a significant surge in views compared to last year.

Online searches for face veils, as seen in Rodarte and Carolina Herrera’s Fall / Winter 2020 collections, are also growing (306 percent), while small pockets that are perfect for keeping the bride’s essentials on hand Demand has also increased, with pieces of Jacquemus, Shrimp and Cult Gaia driving the most sales.

The same goes for wedding guests as designer headbands continue to be in high demand and searches have increased 28 percent year on year over the past four months.

Crystal-embellished and knotted headbands saw the sharpest surge in searches, with accessory designer Jennifer Behr leading the trend – searches for the brand rose 75 percent in the past six months.

Go brave or go home

Flower motifs have become a mainstay as well as free flowing booze and dance-offs during the wedding season, but this year guests are scrapping small blooms in favor of larger and bolder designs.

According to Lyst, daring flowers are set to become a guest favorite for 2020. Data shows that they have grown in popularity over the past year. The search for floral dresses is currently up 46 percent.

In other countries the search for fringes has also increased and is currently around 25 percent for dresses with fringes and 138 percent for bags with fringes.

When it comes to the top brands, guests don’t seem to be missing out on their friends’ big days. A favorite of the Duchess of Cambridge, the retro-inspired gowns from The Vampire’s Wife continue to see a 19 percent increase in demand in views year on year.