The most costly wedding ceremony clothes ever.

The most expensive wedding dresses ever.

It’s pretty normal for your average Joes to drop a lot of money on their wedding dress – because let’s face it, it’s the day you are expected to have your absolute best look. No pressure…

While the average Australian spends around $ 4,200 on their wedding dress, you can bet your bottom dollar that celebrities will blow the GOOD out of the water.

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Because of this, we thought we would find the biggest financiers in Hollywood and list the top 10 most expensive celebrity brides. And boy, are those numbers breathtakingly high.

10th most expensive celebrity wedding dress: Marie-Chantal Miller.

Marie-Chantal Miller’s wedding dress costs: $ 317,750.

Never heard of her? We also.

But after a quick little google, we found she’s a princess! The Crown Princess of Greece, no less. Born in London, raised in Hong Kong and educated in Switzerland, Mrs. Marie-Chantal von Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, son of the deposed King Constantine II and Queen Anne Marie, was proposed.

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