The lost wedding photos of the Nanaimo couple returned after 13 years

NANAIMO – Tiffany and Nick celebrate their anniversary like never before. A relationship that started at work.

“I knew it was from our department,” remembers Tiffany with a smile. “He was super cute!”

“She hit me!” Nick laughs.

“I kind of put my hand on his shoulder,” explains Tiffany, walking to his work place first. And said, ‘Hey! You know you shouldn’t sit here. ‘”

“That was your prelude!” Nick laughs.

“Then he comes back with that super cute smile. ‘You know, I can sit here,'” said Tiffany when he said before laughing at her answer. “‘I know I just wanted a reason to talk to you!'”

The talk was about dating, which led Nick to come up with a perfect proposal. It failed so many times that he decided on Plan B.

“I just did it in the middle of the day!” He says. “By chance in the living room.”

“I turn around and there he’s on his knee and I’m like [gasp]! ”Says Tiffany before laughing at the awkward timing. “I just got back from fishing! I’m in my boxer shorts. “

“[Then] There was a lot of excitement, ”says Nick. “It was really good!”

Tiffany smiles. “And I said yes.”

They decided to flee to Jamaica and spent their “wedding moon” in a waterfront resort.

Although you’d think the wonderful memories were too numerous to count, “I can tell you,” says Nick. “There were 382 photos on this SD card.”

Nick had just brought an SD card with him to take turns taking photos with his camera and playing video games with his portable player. On the way home he forgot the player (with all his pictures) on the plane.

“He says, ‘Oh my god! I don’t have it, ”remembers Tiffany when he said at the airport. “And I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me ?!”

Though Nick ran back on the plane to look for it and Tiffany tried for weeks to track it down by phone, they found it was gone and accepted that they would never see their wedding photos again.

“It was really heartbreaking,” says Tiffany before smiling. “[Nick] I want to say he has been in the dog house for 13 years! “

Thirteen years of fading memories until the last month.

Someone told Tiffany that pictures from their trip had been posted on Reddit.

“I said, ‘Oh my god!’” Says Tiffany when she first saw it.

“She burst into the room I was in,” says Nick.

“Honey! Honey! Look! Look!” Tiffany remembers pointing her phone screen at Nick. “Our pictures were found!”

A man in Vancouver searched for the couple after buying the video game player on Craigslist and finding his wedding photos on the SD card.

Nick responded to the post with three ‘OMGs’ and received the SD card by priority mail in time to celebrate her anniversary with pictures for the first time on Sunday.

“It was really cool to experience again [the experience]Tiffany smiles after seeing the younger self smile at her.

“Being able to see them brought all the feelings back,” says Nick, flipping through pictures of them posing, kissing, and appreciating their surroundings. “It was a nice bad experience!”

And it was wonderful to see that although her appearance had changed after 13 years, her love not only remained but also deepened.

So is Nick out of the kennel?

“Oh yeah!” Says Tiffany with a laugh. “He has totally redeemed himself!”