The marriage venue within the east says the Freedom Day delay is de facto robust

The wedding venue in the east says the Freedom Day delay is really tough

Copdock Hall is one of many venues affected by the delay

Author: Dan GoodingPublished 4 hours ago

Wedding venues in the east will be trying to figure out what to do now after a mix of good and bad news for the industry.

Last night, announced the Prime Minister a four-week delay until the lockdown restrictions are finally relaxed.

However, June 21st will mean changes for weddings as the 30 guest limit will be lifted.

However, you still need to adhere to social distancing.

Ian Evans owns Copdock Hall in the east of England and says the industry has been devastated in the past 15 months:

“We can survive and we survived.

“It was really, really tough.

“We have been living with this uncertainty for 16 months now.

“Our employees lived with it, our suppliers and, above all, our couples.

“Many of them thought it was going to be their biggest day and for many of them it was their biggest nightmare.”

The easing of lockdown restrictions has been postponed to July 19 due to concerns about the Delta or Indian variant of the coronavirus.

Hopefully this delay will allow the vaccine program to sting many more people and reduce infection rates.

But for many companies, including those in the wedding industry, it’s more pain and worry about the future.

Ian told us it was Groundhog Day for many couples who had to postpone their plans:

“I’ve always called it a trilogy: we have births, deaths and marriages.

“I think they belong to our society.

“People underestimate the importance of a wedding in making friends and family and celebrating the union of two people.

“For many of our couples it was difficult for them.”

So what happens on June 21st?


The limit of 30 guests has been lifted. There will be no number limit on guests at weddings, however, the capacity of the venues will be limited by social distancing. At the wedding there must be table service and you cannot have a dance floor in the location.


The guest limit for funerals will also be abolished. Only 30 mourners are allowed at the moment, but as of July 21, the cap will be lifted and as long as social distancing is respected there is no limit.

Nursing homes

In most cases, nursing home residents no longer need to self-isolate for 14 days after visiting.


The restrictions on visiting the theater will remain in place so that they can be opened, but with COVID-safe measures, including social distancing.
However, pilot events such as Euro 2020 and some theatrical performances will continue, suggesting that some events will allow larger crowds than the current restrictions under the research program.

Bars and restaurants

The restrictions on pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants remain unchanged. The distance rules must be adhered to and table service must be given.

Night clubs

Nightclubs will be closed until at least July 19th

Home work

People are asked to continue working from home if possible.

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