The Irish Resort Affiliation is urging the federal government to obviously state the variety of marriage ceremony company because the plans are “in jeopardy”


IRISH hoteliers have asked the government to make a clear announcement earlier this week about the number of wedding guests.

Couples across the country will be anxious to see if the number of allowed guests can climb to 100 from Aug. 6, as expected as the society reopens broader.


Irish hoteliers have asked the government to clearly state the number of wedding guestsPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty


Tanaiste Leo Varadkar said those who are going to get married in August should plan 50 guestsCredit: Tom Honan / Julien Behal Photography / PA Wire

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar told Irish brides and grooms who will get married in August to plan 50 guests.

He said, “I would tell anyone planning a wedding in August that they will operate on the 50 basis.”

A photographer is allowed at weddings and the reception is only allowed to take place seated without live music or dancing. Novel deliveries and actions are also not allowed.

In addition, employees who come into contact with customers must wear face covers or masks where no other protective measures are in place.


Irish Hotels Federation President Elaina Fitzgerald Kane said the government must take into account that many wedding guests are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and that weddings take place in controlled environments.

She said: “Public health remains our number one priority and we recognize the difficult balance that government must achieve.

“We urge the government to keep in mind that most wedding guests have been vaccinated while weddings are held in spacious ballrooms, many of which are beyond current social distancing requirements.

“Wedding couples, many of whom have postponed their wedding plans several times, are in danger with their plans less than two weeks before their wedding.

“In the past few days, hotels and wedding venues across the country have been inundated with calls from wedding couples asking if they need to ‘unload’ 50 of their guests.

“It is important for you and your guests to be clear about what is allowed.”

She added, “From a security perspective, wedding venues are controlled environments with clear processes around seating and contact tracing.

“Since the pandemic began, the implementation of government security measures has proven extremely effective, aided by the strong support of our teams and the collaboration of guests.

“Everyone wants to make these days extra special for couples, given the excitement and uncertainty many faced while planning their special day.”