The general public will determine which couple from the St. Augustine space will win the free wedding ceremony bundle

The public will decide which couple from the St. Augustine area will win the free wedding package

Colleen Michele Jones

| St. Augustine Record

Three couples are in the running for an anniversary giveaway package made possible by a bride whose own wedding has been canceled and Crème de la Cocoa, the local bakery that was supposed to bake her cake.

Pamela Coates-Smith, 22, of Tallahassee, was scheduled to walk down the aisle at Otttis Castle in Vilano Beach this October until she and her future groom broke up.

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Coates-Smith had already signed a contract with Crème de la Cocoa and paid $ 1,000 to design an elaborate, multi-tiered fondant wedding cake for the occasion.

Realizing that her contract did not allow for a refund, Coates-Smith decided to donate it to another worthy couple and chose the recipients through a competition sponsored by Crème de la Cocoa and other local vendors promoting themselves signed up to add more services to the giveaway.

Three finalists were selected from almost 70 submissions.

The public is now invited to read their stories and to vote for a grand prize winner on the Crème de la Cocoa website. The results will be announced in March.

Here are their stories:

Michelle and Matthew Chapman

The couple, who live in St. Augustine, met through an online site in Massachusetts and immediately hit the road. She’s from Cape Cod, he’s from Australia. About six months after dating, Adam was still in the country on a work visa in September 2011.

According to the couple’s report on the Creme de la Cocoa, Matthew had just returned from a work trip, “walked into her seat and said,” We need to talk. “She took a deep breath and replied,“ What did you do ?! ”The conversation revealed that his work visa had expired, his renewal had been refused and he had to leave the country in four days. She blurted out,“ That’s fine “We’re just going to get married.” With a chuckle, he replied, “I’m glad you said that, but I want to go over all of our options.” He continued, but she had no idea what was being said when she was one Wedding planned in her head. “

They quickly threw a whirlwind wedding together for three days and were married by a Massachusetts Justice of the Peace. In 2015, Matthew was transferred to St. Augustine with his work, where they have lived since, now with three young children.

“Every year they discussed their ‘real wedding’, but every year something prevented them from doing it.”

With the couple’s 10th anniversary this year, they want to celebrate the life they built here together and have the wedding we’ve dreamed of for so long, but they couldn’t afford to know in good conscience that they also wanted to make a down payment on a house.

Corran Robinson and Brandon Mack

“Brandon and Corran met at work five years ago. One day someone suggested to Brandon on an episode of Bachelor (Office Edition) that Corran might be a good match for him. Brandon was quick to reply, ‘Oh no. She’s way too much for me.’ Well, it turns out that too much was actually spot on. Brandon and Corran eventually began dating and soon realized that while they are polar opposites in most things, they are absolutely perfect for each other.

“On September 14, 2020, Brandon asked Corran to be” too much “forever and spend the rest of their lives together. Brandon and Corran are getting married this fall in St. Augustine.

The couple live in Jacksonville.

Kari Amundson and Adam Wilson

Kari explains how the couple met: “We met in 2012. I lived in St. Augustine and he lived in Jacksonville. We were close friends who worked in different departments of the same company. I had Adam until then never seen as more than a friend. ” We started to find out how much we had in common and then found that we had the same morals and values. Over the years we got closer and closer and began to date casually. In 2015, I moved to Jacksonville to a small one-bedroom apartment near him because I didn’t see him. We had cats growing up. When my two cats moved in with his three cats, there was a bit of a drama, but it worked.

“I had a terrible car accident in October 2016. I’ve never met anyone.”

“Just drop everything in your life for me.” I was in intensive care for weeks, in a rehab center for months. But Adam was there every day. He helped me get back on my feet and took care of me. His cat Cloudy was my cat sister.

“In 2019 we lost my grandfather, my beloved cat sister Cloudy and Adam’s father within three months. 2019 was tough, but we prevailed and became a strong duo.”

The couple who live in Jacksonville will be married this year.