This is how Netflix 'the Wedding Coach' differs

Jamie Lee takes a very different approach to this type of show.

From home renovations to wedding planning, there are plenty of lifestyle reality shows that are so fun to get in the mood for. While some viewers weren’t sure about marriage or mortgage, Love Is Blind was a huge hit as some couples are still happily married today. Cameron and Lauren have a YouTube channel and fans love to keep up with them.

Netflix is back with another awesome wedding reality show called The Wedding Coach. The first season has six episodes and comedian Jamie Lee helps couples prepare for their big day. Your approach is unique and different. So let’s take a look at what the show looks like.

Forget about perfection

The wedding industry is huge and there can be pressure to have a day that looks amazing on social media. People often hear about weddings from celebrities like Jay Z and Beyonce, and it can be easy to get lost in planning and feel like it’s not even fun anymore.

Tuning in to The Wedding Coach means hearing Jamie Lee say one very interesting thing: Having a perfect wedding may be the industry’s goal, but it’s not realistic. She shares that she had a stressful time planning her own big day and she wants to help people have a fun wedding without worrying too much.

Jamie Lee and Savannah shoot a scene for The Wedding Coachabout brides

Jamie Lee announced that she would like to help couples as she has experience in wedding planning. In an interview with E! News, Lee said, “I don’t even know if I consider myself a wedding guru. I think that’s the whole point, it really just means being reliable, being a ‘guru’ in the wedding room.” honestly and having gone through a wedding myself. “

Lee continued, “I think that sort of thing has made me feel qualified enough to have some strong opinions about how to have a wedding, how to deal with the stress of a wedding, and a lot of opinions about that too Kind of thug the wedding industry itself. “

The idea of ​​not looking for a flawless wedding day definitely sets The Wedding Coach apart. Reality TV fans are used to seeing an insane plan in just a few days, and everyone involved is often crying and stressed out, wondering if it’s possible to get it all done. On this show, Jamie Lee helps couples calm down and find happiness and peace.

That approach makes a lot of sense, and the couples in the series’ six episodes definitely seem happy and relieved to work with Jamie Lee. Following Ben and Bree’s Nigerian wedding, Jamie Lee set up a “support group” for Bree and other people who were about to get married. They all felt better chatting about how stressed they were.

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Find the comedy

As a comedian, Jamie Lee has asked friends in the same industry to help her on the show, and that sets her apart too.

In each episode, Jamie Lee works with a comedian: Alesha Renee, Mamrie Hart, Matteo Lane, Punkie Johnson, Jon Gabrus, and Fortune Feimster.

In the first episode, titled “Ms. Behaving,” Erin and Travis were planning a wedding from another city and there were lots of fun moments. Jamie Lee was throwing a fun bachelorette party for Erin, and Erin’s sister was having a little too much fun. Then there was the wish of the couple to take a canoe trip to the ceremony instead of walking down a traditional corridor. That made everyone laugh as Erin didn’t want to fall into the water and ruin her dress.

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Jamie Lee shared that weddings can be fun: In an interview with Decider, she said, “I think there’s so much comedy that needs to be broken down at weddings. It’s such a strange, stressful time for so many people. Me think comedy and weddings should have merged more seamlessly earlier, but I’m very happy to be the person who did it in TV. Obviously there have been a lot of fun wedding movies. “

It’s great to see a show about weddings where everyone keeps their sense of humor as the emotions are high and people are often very upset.

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Simplify everything

Jamie Lee shared in an interview with that it’s okay for couples to feel that their wedding day isn’t full of shock and awe.

Lee said, “Your wedding is going to be really fun because it’s yours. You can see everyone you love, and there is attention to you that you may not have on a daily basis. But if you were at a wedding I guess it is okay to prepare for it. Some of this will feel a little routine. “

Lee also shared that couples should make sure there is plenty to eat at the wedding, that it is a fun “big party”, and that there is no point in spending extra money on something that doesn’t even matter.

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