Superstar wedding ceremony inspiration from our favourite Aussies.

Celebrity wedding inspiration from our favorite Aussies.

Zoe Foster Blake and Hamish Blake

Go-To founder Zoe Foster Blake and Australian radio host and comedian Hamish Blake got married in 2012 and remain one of our dream couples.

The couple now share two children, 7 year old Sonny and 3 year old Rudy.

In 2012, Zoe wrote about the day on her blog, Zo They Say:

“‘I married the love of my life, maybe several lives, in a very small ceremony that really was the best, funniest and most perfect day of our lives.

“People always say this about their own wedding day, and I generally assume they are using exaggerations that are precisely proportional to the amount of money, energy, and effort they spent on their day, but now, now i understand

“It is a very special day indeed.”

Image: zotheysay.