post pandemic wedding

ROCKFORD (WREX) – After a year of no partying, local wedding professionals have sparked an unprecedented wedding boom.

“I feel like I’m getting a lot of business,” says wedding photographer Meg Dunn, “I’m not only getting inquiries for 2021, my 2022 is almost full.”

In a normal year, Dunn says, she has weddings spread out throughout the season, but after a year when most brides and grooms have decided not to get married:

“I work almost every weekend and this is the first year that I’ve had double and triple victories,” says Dunn. “I work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Saturday and Sunday. So I definitely feel it because I’m still sticking to 2020 weddings.”

Vendors and venues across the Rockford area say business is booming, thanks to the pandemic. After a hard hit last year of cancellations and scaled-down ceremonies, Dunn says people are ready to party.

“I feel like the brides and the salespeople are excited, so everyone is excited to get back into the game and get people remarried,” says Dunn.

Kiryn Martinez is Event Director at Twisted Tulip in Machesney Park and also runs her own event business, The Copper Cow. She says couples book sooner and faster and fuel the already burning fire of love even more.

“Even when you think about getting engaged, start researching, researching, finding, finding dates,” says Martinez. “Many places will have soft support for you for a period of time, and now is the time.

Both Martinez and Dunn say that while wedding venues and vendors fill up quickly, brides-to-be shouldn’t worry about not getting the wedding of their dreams.

“Just be flexible,” says Martinez. “We’re having a wedding boom, a serious boom, and it’s nice that brides come here and say, ‘We have a date, what do you have available and we will make it.'”

Dunn says many providers will work with couples to help them find alternative options or providers if they are not available on the dates the couple needs.

“Go with the flow, roll with the strokes,” says Dunn. “Getting married at the end of the day is the most important part.”