The fabric of the polygamous Brown family changed irrevocably in 2014 when Kody legally divorced his first wife, Meri Brown, in order to marry his fourth wife, Robyn, so that he could legally adopt their children from their previous marriage.

At the time, they stated that changing the legal marriage meant nothing because they were all heavenly married. It did, however, mean something symbolic for Meri, who struggled with difficult emotions after the divorce and was soon seeking out-of-marriage companionship with her cat-fishing scandal. To many fans of the Who, it looked like the legal marriage meant more to Robyn and Kody too, because they went on a romantic vacation in Hawaii shortly after their wedding. Many Sister Wives viewers refer to this as Robyn’s “second honeymoon.”

This “second” honeymoon wasn’t filmed for the show, but Robyn confirmed her experience during a 2015 Twitter Q&A. However, she insists the trip was a birthday present for herself that she paid for by has saved her “food money”. In fact, the trip took place in October prior to her legal marriage to Kody.

In the Q&A held by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Robyn pointed out that the other women took private trips with Kody that were not filmed for the show. “Well, if we’re going to be COMPLETELY fair … I never had to go to Mexico and neither did the kids,” Robyn said, referring to the trip that Kody took with Meri for her 20th anniversary that was in the first season was shown by Sister Wives, which aired in 2010.

Prior to Kody’s legal marriage to Robyn, which aired on season nine of 2015 and took place in December 2014, Kody said he wanted the legal marriage change to be nothing more than a “mess of legal documents,” as he said the the whole process is almost complete adopting the children. Robyn and Kody still consider their anniversary date to be their spiritual wedding date, not their legal wedding.

Still, the family debated whether the whole family should attend or whether they should throw a party. Meri even suggested that they hire a little Elvis to marry her. Ultimately, Robyn and Kody decided not to invite anyone to their courthouse wedding and to make as little of it as possible.

Although they tried to treat divorce and marriage as just a list of tasks to help verify the ultimate goal of Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna adoption, Meri has experienced many unexpected feelings after the divorce became known. Additionally, the positive sentiment online that she might be leaving Kody caused her to be open to the idea and seek company outside of her family structure, which resulted in her being fished.

Around the time she was romantically speaking with the person who turned out to be a woman rather than a man, Meri asked Kody not to go around her house. As he recently joked on a season 15 episode, he never really came back after that. Though they sometimes made gestures to work on their relationship, Kody has made it clear over the past few years that he’s completely done with a relationship with Meri.

However, Meri still wants to be part of the family and hopes that Kody will revive his relationship with her. She also made waves in the season 15 finale when she comforted Christine during a difficult time and gave her an encouraging talk not to go, even though Christine was desperate about her marriage to Kody and it could be a better option for her, thinking about leaving.

Although this 2014 trip to Hawaii wasn’t an actual “honeymoon” to celebrate her legal marriage to Kody, Robyn’s honeymoon with Kody after her spiritual marriage in 2010 was an anomaly for the family, raising some questions and jealousy from the other women evoked. They traveled to San Diego, California for 11 days where they surfed, went on a safari and did other fun things. It was shot for the show by TLC, so it was likely funded from the show’s budget, but it definitely set Robyn apart from what the other women went through in her marriages to Kody. The other women went on short road trips with Kody to celebrate their new spiritual union.