Sick trophy looking honeymoons are on sale for £ 5,000, together with stuffed heads to remove


Newlyweds are offered sick trophy hunting honeymoons where animals are killed on safari.

Beloved Britons can spend £ 5,127 on a vacation with luxury accommodations – and the chance to slaughter four beasts.

The Honeymoon Hunt deal is currently being promoted by the “Click and Kill” website It costs an additional £ 976 to kill zebras and £ 2,169 for giraffes.

Couples can also pay to take the heads home as “romantic” keepsakes.

Beloved British can spend £ 5,127 on a vacation in luxury accommodation – and the chance to slaughter four beasts

The website says, “The Romance of Safari – these hunts are as unique as the couples they are intended for.

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“Couples can choose from a variety of activities that they can experience together during their hunt.

“Take the first step into an unforgettable journey through life.”

The shops were blown up by Eduardo Goncalves, the founder of the campaign to ban trophy hunting.

Couples can celebrate their union with a killing trip

He said, “The bundled honeymoon hunt is the latest sick trend in an industry that makes millions helping people thrill to kill.

“You can shoot ‘his and her’ animals and then look each other lovingly in the eye while posing for a romantic post-kill snap.

“Even the bridal suite is decorated with animal heads and furs.”

He added, “The government must act now to stop the slaughter of endangered wildlife for selfies and souvenirs before it’s too late.”

The import of trophies into the UK is said to be banned despite the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit slowing legislation.

Around 2,500 trophies of protected species have been imported into the country since 2010, including elephant ears and hippo teeth.

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