Shoe designer Sarah Flint Reem Acra wedding dress and heels

Shoe designer Sarah Flint (who you may remember designing some of Meghan Markle’s most stylish flats, sandals and boots) just got married! Flint and her husband, investment banker Sean Beresini, decided to have a small DIY family ceremony in Buzzards Bay, MA in late November. The couple’s original date was last June, but COVID security measures inspired a redesign of their special day, which was peppered with design details by Flint himself. She painted watercolor flowers on the menus and arranged the arch Sean had built himself. The bouquet and boutonniere were also provided by the creative bride. But of course Sarah is known for her shoes and she came up with them during the planning process.

“I wore the same dress, shoes, and accessories that I had planned for a much bigger wedding and I wouldn’t have done it any differently.”

“The [Parker] Shoes were inspired by the overall theme [of my original wedding], that was English countryside. While designing them, I knew I wanted the shoes to be very romantic, have a vintage feel, and be super comfortable so that it would be easy to be on your feet all night. Sketch after sketch, I finally decided on a D’Orsay heel made of white satin with polka-dot mesh and handmade leather flowers. Of course, I’ve also added our special Sarah Flint features like arch support and extra padding. Originally I just wanted to create one pair, but when we got the first sample of the shoe in our office, everyone was thrilled and thought the style was too beautiful to have just one. So we decided to do a limited edition release for future brides after my wedding, “Flint told POPSUGAR.

Image source: Sarah Flint

Flint’s spotlight heels are available for $ 575 (although you can fund them – yay!) And they definitely helped her achieve her vision. She recommended brides to adhere to it even if their venue changes due to unforeseen circumstances. “Don’t give up on your dream look just because your ceremony may have been downsized. I wore the same dress, shoes, and accessories I planned for a much bigger wedding, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way I think brides would have.” always a vision of how you want to look on your wedding day, and no matter how big or small the wedding is, you should always go as far as you can with your vision. “For Flint, that vision also included a Reem Acra dress that with a custom sash and buttons. Sarah bought additional fabric from Acra and designed her own regal looking coat to go with it! Prepare to rave about Flint’s bridal style.