Selecting the proper marriage ceremony flowers in your companion

Choosing the perfect wedding flowers for your partner

For all its joys, getting married involves a lot of administration and decision-making, from food tastings to guest lists to flowers, and there’s a lot to organize in between.

We can make the flowers side a little bit easier because knowing where to start can be difficult: what colors, the size, and the bouquet?

With 45% of all weddings in the UK happening between July and September, Inferflora experts have shared their top tips for choosing your wedding flowers, be it bouquets, table decorations or aisle decorations.

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Get started as soon as possible

Flowers should be a big consideration for your special day and so it is best to start with them as soon as possible. Ideally, to find a wedding florist you should start your research a year in advance of your wedding date, but for last minute weddings you should get in touch as soon as possible. Make sure to make your first appointment once you have already chosen your wedding dress and venue, as these are two important factors that your florist needs to consider.

We’ve seen several flower trends this year and these might be fun to consider if you’re looking for inspiration. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Earthy tones – This year we’ve seen many couples move away from traditional colors and want to add natural pops to their bouquets. This year there has been an increased demand for copper-colored terracotta, rusty oranges, and honey yellows that are great as part of a boho wedding
  • Flower arches – Large flower arrangements are becoming increasingly popular at celebrity weddings and this year we’ve seen more couples choose them for their own ceremonies. Arches can be set up for the actual ceremony and create a beautiful backdrop for vows or can be used at the reception to create an ideal backdrop for photos of the wedding reception.
  • Tailor-made fragrances – Flowers not only make your wedding look beautiful, they can also be selected to create an unforgettable fragrance. We rate the exclusive lilies of the valley, garden roses and peonies for their fragrance.
  • Dried flowers – Dried flowers have been a huge trend in recent years and make for a unique bouquet. Try mixing different tones and lengths for a natural and beautiful looking bouquet. One of the best things about choosing dried stems is that they can be stored for years and will become a decorative piece in your home!

Look at symbolism

Many flowers hide symbolic meanings that you should take into account when designing your special arrangements. Check out the most common flowers and their hidden meanings:

  • Roses – Roses symbolize “love and beauty” so it is hardly surprising that they are one of the most popular flowers for wedding arrangements.
  • Stephanotis – The stephanotis flower means “conjugal happiness” and is a traditional choice for brides. These tiny trumpet-shaped flowers look beautiful when incorporated into formal shower bouquets, and their lovely scent is a lovely accompaniment for the bride as she walks down the aisle.
  • Peonies – Its resemblance to a rose in full bloom makes the peony a sought-after wedding flower. Not only that, the flower itself represents romance and prosperity and is said to bring happiness and a happy marriage.
  • Calla lilies – These elegant flowers represent ‘great beauty’ and can be the wedding flower of the moment. Extremely fashionable for bridal bouquets, buttonholes and bouquets for the bridesmaids, the Calla Lily adds an element of sophistication to the occasion.
  • hydrangea – The hydrangea’s large eye-catching head is perfect for weddings, adding a touch of vintage chic to bouquets and larger arrangements. That means the hydrangea is a great choice for couples starting a new chapter together.
  • lily of the valley – The delicate, bell-shaped flowers of lily of the valley mean “luck” and are considered one of the most traditional types of wedding flowers. Preferred by royal brides like the Duchess of Cambridge, Lily of the Valley has a timeless elegance that is just perfect for the occasion.
  • Freesia – Freesias, which means “innocence and trust”, are a popular choice for many brides. This very versatile type of flower is now available year round in a range of colors to suit all wedding plans.

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make it personal

There are several ways to personalize a bouquet to make it unique and special:

  • Include jewelry – Vicky Salmon Chief Florist at Interflora says, ‘If you have a piece of sentimental or heirloom jewelry that you want to incorporate into your big day but don’t necessarily want to wear, ask your florist if it can be incorporated into your bouquet. Medallions, vintage brooches, or other pieces of jewelry can all be incorporated into the design.
  • Celebrate your roots – Why not celebrate your roots and incorporate your national flower into your wedding designs? It is not uncommon for Scottish grooms to choose a thistle for their buttonhole, while particularly patriotic English brides choose red and white roses for their bouquet, Italians choose lilies or Kenyan orchids.
  • Appreciate – If you miss someone special on your big day, a reminder spell could be the perfect way to pay tribute to their keepsake. Alternatively, choose your favorite flower to be integrated into your bouquet.
  • Equip, equip, equip! – Use beautiful accessories to create a bouquet that is truly unique. Take inspiration from Michelle Keegan, who chose to include the initials of her and her future husband Mark Wright in her wedding bouquet when the celebrity couple tied the knot in 2015. Other accessories that can be integrated into your bouquet are ribbons, buttons and feathers.
  • Breed your own – If you are a green-fingered goddess then why not consider growing your own wedding flowers? Granted, not for the faint of heart, you will need a lot of patience, dedication, and possibly a plan b to make this happen!

Look at the time of year

Many of the flowers grown in the UK have seasons. So, choosing a bouquet that takes this into account will make your decor more contemporary and more natural. Seasonal bouquets will never go out of style and can also help to support local florists and gardeners, which is especially poignant for 2021.

Choose a theme

Flowers can be used in all aspects of your wedding from bouquets to aisle decorations to photo backgrounds and table landscapes. Choosing a theme, whether it’s colors or a style, will help put all of your floral pieces together. Mixing and matching flowers can create a boho style that works well when they are all carefully chosen to work together!

Hire a professional

Choosing a florist for your big day not only makes your job easier, but it can also help add value to your wedding decorations. The right florist will help you bring your vision to life and make recommendations based on your wedding theme, time of year, and location!