See the brand new marriage ceremony images of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas in Las Vegas

See the new wedding photos of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas in Las Vegas

Two years ago, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got married in a chapel in Las Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards, and Diplo streamed it all on Instagram for the world to see. Today the pair are celebrating the two-year anniversary of their legal wedding (the two had their second major wedding in France this summer) by sharing never-before-seen photos of it on Instagram. Turner posted a picture gallery and wrote to her husband, “Happy 2 year Vegas wedding anniversary for that big old piece of man meat ❤️ 🥩 ⛪️”.

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Jonas reposted a shot on his Instagram story, calling it “my queen” in honor of Turner.


Turner and Jonas had to legally marry in the United States before they could get married in front of their friends and family in France. The two had planned to keep the Vegas wedding and their marriage a secret for some time, Turner later announced.

She would have kept the marriage private “maybe not forever. I think I should have stopped saying fiancée at some point, but yeah, I would have kept it a secret, “Turner told Net-a-Porter’s magazine Porter just seven days after their wedding. “Marriage is a private matter between two people, and I think it should always be. It’s not about the dress, it’s not about the food. It’s about being husband and wife and devoting to each other forever. “

“But it is difficult [to keep it secret] when people stream it live, ”Turner continued, raising an eyebrow. According to Porter, the couple had booked Diplo as their wedding DJ. He took it upon himself to be her videographer without her permission. “It would have been better if no one had known, but I think it’s really funny,” Turner said of his live stream

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