Scholar reuses wedding ceremony flowers, bringing hope and therapeutic to hospitals


Eleanor Love, founder of The Simple Sunflower, an organization that reuses wedding flowers to deliver to hospital patients.

One of the most expensive – and often wasteful – aspects of a wedding are the flowers. With hundreds of dollars poured into fresh flowers to brighten up the ceremony and reception, it’s a shame that with so many flowers left after the big day, they often wither and die. But Eleanor Love, a former medical student at Virginia Commonwealth University, saw an opportunity in these wasted flowers. By showing up to local wedding locations and contacting wedding coordinators to ask if she could come over after the big event and collect the flowers, she found a way to give new life to the beautiful blooms by giving them to hospital patients delivered.

As a student, Love founded The Simple Sunflower and brought together a crew of volunteers to collect, reuse, and deliver bouquets of fresh flowers left over from weddings and other events to lonely patients in need of cheers. Her dedicated helpers included fellow students, university staff, florists and other locals who wanted to make their contribution. During her time as a medical student, she tried to make a difference, and she also managed to bring together a diverse group of people who all came together to serve and improve their community.

For Love, being able to connect with patients, lift their spirits, and enhance their hospital experience is one of the most rewarding aspects of starting The Simple Sunflower. And the flowers really make a difference. According to several studies, flowers have the ability to significantly improve medical outcomes for patients – they lower blood pressure, reduce stress and pain, and speed recovery.

“The simple sunflower reminds me of humanity in medicine – that there is a person behind every diagnostic test and treatment plan,” says Love My Modern Met. “Our goal is to alleviate suffering and, at the same time, to alleviate every patient who receives our bouquets To bring comfort and joy. Our work fosters compassion and empathy and I will continue that in my career as a doctor … Creativity is an integral part of medicine and science, and I believe that nurturing my creativity through The Simple Sunflower will make me a stronger doctor. I also appreciate the natural beauty and symbolism of flowers, as do our volunteers and patients. “

As Love progresses in her medical career, her plans for The Simple Sunflower grow with her. She is currently in the process of applying for membership in an officially registered non-profit organization and hopes to expand the project to other hospitals and cities.

If you’re interested in helping, visit The Simple Sunflower website to learn more about how to donate or get involved. To keep up with their progress, you can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

As a medical student, Eleanor Love founded The Simple Sunflower to bring hope and healing to hospital patients.

Medical student sends wedding flowers to hospital patientMedical student sends wedding flowers to hospital patient

The organization uses flowers from weddings and events by delivering the fresh flowers to hospital patients.

The simple sunflower uses wedding flowers for hope and healingThe simple sunflower uses wedding flowers for hope and healingThe simple sunflower: website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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