Say sure to the gown wedding ceremony gown designer Pnina Tornai

Say yes to the dress wedding dress designer Pnina Tornai

Bridal designer Pnina Tornai bases her brand on the foundation of love. Her favorite pastime in the world is that brides feel happy and safe in their dream wedding dresses, which they have been buying exclusively from Kleinfeld for over 15 years. But your first experiences in the legendary New York City store will surprise you. “When I brought my clothes to Kleinfeld for the first time 17 years ago, they said to me, ‘Thank you, but no, thank you’ because my clothes were so different from the American market. I insisted that they at least try mine Dressing up on the floor and the rest is history. Now I’m proud to say that my clothes have changed the face of the bride in the US and around the world. ”

“When I brought my clothes to Kleinfeld for the first time 17 years ago, they said to me: ‘Thank you, but no, thank you.'”

Pnina regularly hosts trunk shows in Kleinfeld and is also a reality TV veteran at this point, having appeared in 19 seasons of TLCs Say yes to the dress, as well as Big Brother and Masterchef VIP in Israel. “I can tell you that everyone works on themselves when they know that cameras are nearby. We can’t help it! We’re all human,” she told POPSUGAR about her time with the beloved host of SYTTD Randy Fenoli.

Randy isn’t the only one who wants to work with her. She recently rolled out engagement rings with Jared and plans to expand into men’s wedding rings and costume jewelry as well. Pnina relates their jewelry line to their couture bridal collection in the sense that they are sending a similar message. They are both called “One” because we can only move forward in these challenging times if we remember that we are all one and that we care for one another. The only thing that can save this world is love. ” She said.

Ahead of us, we spoke to Pnina Tornai about where her journey with Kleinfeld has taken her and about some of the tidbits she has learned along the way.