Savannah wedding ceremony venues are fast to order rooms till at the very least subsequent yr

Savannah wedding venues are quick to reserve rooms until at least next year

SAVANNAH, Georgia (WTOC) – As capacity constraints related to COVID continue to ease, wedding bookings for venues and vendors continue to increase.

In Savannah, popular places to say “yes” fill their calendars by next year and even 2023.

The main wedding seasons in Savannah are usually spring and fall. But with so many couples putting their weddings on hold due to the pandemic, venues and vendors are seeing a surge in bookings for less traditional times.

“We actually have a wedding this weekend, and this is a first for me. I’ve been here for about two and a half years and we don’t usually have weddings in the summer, ”said Jessica Wilkes-Berry, wedding manager at Ships of the Sea.

Wilkes-Berry says many couples don’t want to battle the summer heat of Savannah as an outdoor venue.

But when the calendar space fills up, customers are ready to be more flexible. This also applies to interiors such as those offered in the Alida Hotel.

“I think people are ready to do anything. So we’ve seen many brunch weddings, many midweek weddings, many willing to postpone things just to get married, ”said Ellie Tumlinson, Director of Catering at the Alida Hotel.

Tumlinson says her advice to couples who are still looking for booking options is to do it sooner rather than later. Alida, along with other WTOC venues, announced on Friday that they are already booking weddings for 2023.

The same applies to providers such as caterers.

“I would say this year has been the busiest summer we’ve had since opening,” said Chef Mark Scomo, Savannah Event Catering.

Chef Mark Scomo opened Savannah Event Catering eleven years ago and says they had to increase their support staff to accommodate up to five weddings per weekend.

“With everyone procrastinating from 2020 and then the people who waited trying to have their wedding this year as the venues were already full.”

So it doesn’t seem to be a date, holiday weekend or weekday, at least for the foreseeable future, to be off the table when it comes to planning that special day.

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