Sana Khan continues to charm her Instagram followers with insights from her wedding. Today she shared a number of post-wedding photos with her hair completely covered in jasmine and roses. In a traditional neon dress and gray dupatta, the new bride Sana showed off her million dollar smile for these priceless photos.

Sana revealed the story behind the floral hair veil, writing, “I always wanted to wear this for my wedding but I forgot to order it. Thanks to my nasreen didi for getting this on my day in Nikkah even though I delayed it for two more days because of the busy schedule, but look how fresh it was. ”

Actress ‘Jai Ho’ tied the knot with Gujarat-based businessman Anas Saiyad in Surat on November 20th. Shortly after their wedding, Sana changed her name to Saiyad Sana Khan on Instagram. Before her wedding, she surprised fans with her announcement that she was leaving the entertainment industry. In an in-depth Instagram post in October, Sana had expressed her desire to serve humanity and said, “I declare today that from today on I have made up my mind to say goodbye to my showbiz lifestyle forever and the Serving humanity and following my Creator’s instructions. Finally, all brothers and sisters are asked not to consult with me about showbiz work from now on. ”