Randy Fenoli 'can't wrap his head around' see-through wedding dresses

  • Randy Fenoli from “Say Yes to the Dress” told Insider that he knows nothing about gauzy wedding dresses.
  • “If I had a daughter who went to the altar, she wouldn’t be wearing a see-through dress,” he said.
  • The 19th season of “Say Yes to the Dress” premieres on Saturday.
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Like any other type of fashion, the styles of wedding dresses are constantly evolving.

High-low dresses, backless dresses, and colorful fabrics have become popular in recent years as many brides move away from more traditional wedding looks.

Brides have also adopted see-through wedding dresses in recent years and walk down the aisle in peek-a-boo or completely see-through dresses.

But Randy Fenoli, wedding dress designer and Kleinfeld bridal advisor for Say Yes to the Dress, told Insider that he still has not fallen in love with transparent wedding dresses.

Models in wedding dresses stand on a catwalk with a bride in a pink dress and a man in a blue sitting in the middle.

Fenoli has its own bridal line.

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“I can’t take care of it,” said Fenoli of gauzy wedding dresses. “I’m 57 and I’m just a traditionalist.”

“I know if I had a daughter walking down the altar she wouldn’t be wearing a see-through dress,” he added.

Fenoli said he thinks brides who choose see-through dresses approach wedding gowns with a different thought process than he does.

The bridal advisor told Insider that brides who are drawn to gauzy or sexy dresses like to show off their figure at their wedding. “It’s just a different mentality,” he said.

Fenoli, who shows up remotely from his Florida home because of the pandemic on season 19 of “Say Yes to the Dress,” said he believes the propensity for sheer wedding dresses in the global fashion world makes sense.

“It almost has a European feel,” said Fenoli of modern bridal couture, pointing out that Europe was often ahead of America when it came to accepting more daring looks.

A person holds a tablet with Randy Fenoli on it in front of a shelf of wedding dresses.

Fenoli provided virtual advice to brides for season 19 of the show.


“Our earth is getting smaller and more global and everyone is connecting on a larger scale,” he said. He believes that wedding fashion reflects this global mentality.

Although sheer dresses aren’t his favorite bridal style, Fenoli told Insider that he just wants brides to find dresses that make them feel safe.

“My goal is always to help the bride choose a dress that she feels most beautiful in, because when she feels beautiful, wear that dress like there is no other dress in the world,” he said .

“They know they look good and everyone can feel it,” he added. “It’s about the confidence you have in wearing the dress.”

You can watch the season 19 premiere of “Say Yes To The Dress” on Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.