Queen pressured to retake wedding ceremony images after a stunning mishap


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  • The Queen was reportedly forced to retake her honeymoon wedding photos of her and Prince Philip after a rather unusual mishap.

    The Queen is said to have retaken wedding photos during her honeymoon in 1947 after a surprise mishap on the wedding day left her without her bouquet in the pictures. The Queen and Prince Philip were married for 73 years before he sadly passed away in April, leaving the monarch without her “strength and whereabouts”. The monarch, who is currently at Balmoral, is taking her first summer break since his death and has invited several of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to visit her.

    Having recently visited the special place of her and Prince Philip, the Queen will no doubt reflect on their many happy years together.

    However, it appears that their November 20th wedding day had a bit of an issue – and that meant the couple had to rerun official snapshots.

    Like hello! Magazine had to retake the Queen’s wedding photos a few days later as she and Prince Philip were enjoying their honeymoon. This was reportedly due to their wedding flowers being misplaced on their big day, meaning the original photos didn’t include these stunning blooms.

    According to the publication, royal wedding florist David Longman revealed the story behind this surprising turn of events when he opened the ITV documentary Invitation to Royal Wedding.

    He claimed, “During their honeymoon, they had to dress in their wedding gowns again, and my father had to provide another bouquet for these photos.”

    It was photographer Sterling Henry Nahum who captured the unforgettable shots of the Queen and Prince Philip’s wedding anniversary. He reportedly had to return to the Buckingham Palace throne room again to make sure they got the perfect picture.

    While it is said that the Monarch and Duke’s honeymoon was suspended to allow them to pose for the second set of snapshots as well as at some point during their private trips to Broadlands and Birkhall.

    Princess Elizabeth and The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, enjoy a stroll in Broadlands during their honeymoon

    And it seems that the surprising mishap is unlikely to repeat itself all those years ago, as royal brides now have two bouquets just in case.

    This November would have marked the significant 74th wedding anniversary of the Queen and Prince Philip. Their wedding took place at Westminster Abbey, the same place where their grandson Prince William and Kate Middleton married in 2011.

    As they attended the Cambridge Wedding, both the Queen and Prince Philip may have briefly pondered their own wonderful day all those years ago.