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Push Back New York Wedding Restrictions and

Couples looking to have big weddings in New York still have some tough COVID restrictions to follow – some make sense, others seem arbitrary, which many future grooms and brides (as well as wedding venues) ask for changes.

Along with future brides and members of the wedding industry, lawmakers urged Governor Andrew Cuomo to ease restrictions such as: B. eliminating COVID testing, increasing capacity and eliminating socially distant dance floors.

“Remove these unscientific and ridiculous restrictions so our brides can enjoy one of the most important days of their lives,” said Congregation member Jodi Giglio, a Republican from Long Island.

For some, the toughest job is making sure guests at parties with more than 100 people have a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination.

“If you don’t need to be tested, when you have up to 100 guests, but if you go to 101 guests that you have to test, there is no science in it,” Giglio said.

Sarah Engler is planning a wedding in July and is currently stressed out about narrowing down the guest list while figuring out how to test everyone for COVID-19.

“As we know, getting a COVID test and getting a result quickly is easier said than done,” said Engler.

Increasing the capacity limits could make a big difference in venues willing to hold parties for groups of several hundred people.

“It’s not free for everyone – we don’t ask for weddings to get back to where they were,” said Heather Cunningham of the Long Island Brides.

The group said it was still important to check temperatures and have guests wear masks when they are not at their tables.

Brittany Burton gets married in September and tries to narrow her guest list down from 200.

“It’s important that we simplify these mandates so that brides, grooms, guests and businesses can create confusion, ensure compliance, and safely celebrate love again,” said Burton.