Buy all of your wedding fashion needs except the dress

Once you’ve made up your mind to get married and start planning your wedding, many of the decisions and questions you will answer inevitably relate to the big day and especially the magical window of time when you go down the aisle, swap you Make vows and say “I do”. Do you have a bridal shower What flowers will be in your bouquet? And maybe the most thought – at least in fashion-loving circles – you found the dress ?! (Or the jumpsuit, pant suit, or the matching set if you are not a wedding dress.)

What to wear during your wedding ceremony is undoubtedly a big decision. But there are often other looks that need to be considered as well: an ensemble for your shower, an outfit for your bachelorette party, something to slip into for the reception, etc. etc. With that in mind, we present everything but the dress – a Luxurious selection of clothes, items and accessories for the events before and after your ceremony. Sparkle, satin, and lace abound, along with a touch of the unexpected. To a very fashionable happy-ever-after.