Princess Diana's wedding dress will be on display at Kensington Palace in June

Princess Diana ArchivesGetty Images

Princess Diana’s wedding dress from her 1981 wedding to Prince Charles will soon be available to the public.

The dress, designed by Elizabeth and David Emanuel, will be part of an upcoming exhibition at Kensington Palace entitled “Royal Style in the Making” and open to the public on June 3rd. The exhibition will “explore the art of designing for” royalties, “according to the organization’s official website.

Diana’s dress was loaned to Kensington Palace by her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. The ad coincides with the Princess of Wales’ 60th birthday. To mark the occasion, a memorial statue of the king will be unveiled in July.

“Our summer exhibition at Kensington Palace will spotlight some of the greatest talents in British design whose work has been instrumental in shaping the visual identity of the royal family throughout the 20th century,” said Matthew Storey, curator of the Historic Royal Palaces exhibition one statement per people. “We will examine how the partnership between each designer and client works, and the process behind creating some of the most important couture commissions in royal history.”

Although Diana and Charles were officially divorced in 1996, their dress remains one of the most popular and memorable wedding dresses in modern history. The iconic piece is instantly recognizable by its luxurious design, which features a scoop neckline, an ornate collar, and voluminous puffed sleeves. The hallmark of the dress, however, is its remarkable 25-foot train, which to date remains one of the longest dress trains in royal history.

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