Honeymoon in September? Why not? September is one of the best months to go on your first trip together after tying the knot. The days are sunny, the weather is beautifully warm, and popular tourist destinations are less crowded. You likely have the place all to yourself, which ensures a more private and intimate vacation.

With the high season officially over in September, there are many excellent vacation packages available, from cheaper overnight rates to discounted offers and unique off-season activities. This means you can save on regular expenses and use the extra to pamper yourself with indulgences like a sunset cruise or wine tasting.

Whether you want to relax in a traditional Bali villa or spend the night in a chic hotel on the French Riviera, these five luxurious honeymoon destinations are sure to make your first trip as a newlyweds unforgettable.

1. Bali

The movie Eat, Pray, Love put Bali in the spotlight as a world-class honeymoon destination, but the island has long been a favorite of love-celebrating tourists. Bali is known for its emerald green rice fields, lazy beaches, ancient temples, surf spots and luxurious spas. It is a paradise indeed, especially for couples looking for both leisure and adventure.

Nature lovers and thrill seekers will love diving, snorkeling, surfing (of course!), White water rafting, and mountain hiking. If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, visit temples, discover traditional textile weaving, or see wood carvers and other artisans create their handicrafts. Do you want something more interactive? Take a cooking class on local and Southeast Asian cuisine, take a yoga class, or learn Balinese dance.

To make your honeymoon more interesting, stay in an overwater bungalow where you can jump into the turquoise water from your room or watch the free sunsets from your terrace. And while dinner on the beach is classically romantic, try something unique in Bali. What do you think of dining in an underwater aquarium, on an abandoned plane, or in a rocky cave with incredible views of the beach?

2. California

What are you looking for for a honeymoon? Escape to a sun-kissed beach? A trip to the wine country? A hike in the wild? A tour of a hip and culturally rich city? See them all and tick everything in California’s Best Honeymoon Guide.

Check out the palm-fringed beaches and colorful coastal villages of Santa Catalina Island, the dramatic coastline and laid-back farms of Half Moon Bay, the hidden coves and wild beauty of Big Sur. If wine tasting is part of your itinerary, visit the Napa Valley, with its traces of vineyards, recreated Tuscan castles, and 240 wineries that would impress even the most awkward of wine connoisseurs. Buckle up your boots and follow the scenic trails of Lake Tahoe, marvel at the impressive granite mountains and ancient sequoias in Yosemite National Park, or wander through a forest of vast redwoods in Humboldt County.

Do you miss the hustle and bustle of the city? Visit San Francisco for its fascinating mix of old charm and urban chic. Stroll along Alamo Square and take in the view of the Painted Ladies, cycle over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, watch the city skyline from Twin Peaks and indulge in the fabulous food scene.

Bora Bora

3. Bora Bora

There is no wrong time to visit Bora Bora. This French Polynesian island is on the edge of the South Pacific and is surrounded by small islands. She rarely experiences hurricanes and enjoys mild, sunny days most of the year. Whether you want to laze around on the beach all day or take part in an adrenaline-fueled water sport, Bora Bora is always impressive. In addition, the sea temperature in September is mild and temperate, which makes it an ideal time for water sports activities.

Beaches are the main attraction of Bora Bora. A vacation to the island is incomplete without staying in an overwater bungalow, snorkeling at Tupitipiti Point, or roaming the shores of Matira Beach. But there are plenty of other places to discover and adventure to enjoy. Climb to the top of Mount Otemanu, soar over the heart-shaped atoll of Tupai in a helicopter, or sail around the island on a yacht. Enjoy a chic dinner in one of the award-winning restaurants by the sea. Then grab a bottle of sparkling wine and flee to a secluded part of the beach to sniff the stars.

Balearic Islands Cala Santanyi Mallorca, Spain

4. Balearic Islands

Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera. The four main islands of the Balearic Archipelago have the same Mediterranean flair, but differ from each other in a unique way.

Mallorca, the largest of the islands, is a contrast of dazzling resorts and rustic villages, sidewalk cafes and lush vineyards, majestic forts and surreal caves. Menorca is idyllic and pastoral and a paradise for honeymooners looking for peace and solitude. The beautiful Formentera embodies the typical bohemian atmosphere with its hippie flea markets and the idle ambience for lazing around.

Then there is the party-loving Ibiza, fast-paced and exuberant, but also dreamy and full of romance. Yes, Ibiza has its share of romantic places too. Especially if you decide to rent one of the most sexy and romantic honeymoon villas in Ibiza. If it’s hard to wrap yourself around your head, imagine swimming on the quiet beach of Cala Comte, strolling the winding streets of D’alt Vila or watching the sun set over Es Vedrà.

French Riviera

5. French Riviera

If you are looking for luxury at its finest, Côte d’Azur has it all. The breathtaking coast of southern France with its azure blue waters, charming coastal towns, upscale resorts and love of the high life has long been the playground for the rich and famous. It is also undoubtedly one of the most famous honeymoon destinations.

The French Riviera stretches for 550 miles, but most of the best honeymoon locations are between Monaco and Saint-Tropez. To experience the panoramic landscape to the fullest, rent a car and take a trip. Visit Monaco for its glitz and glamor, head to Nice and meander along the Promenade des Anglais, picnic on the Croix des Gardes in Cannes and relax on a beach in Saint Tropez.

Don’t forget to visit the Hotel Belles Rives in Juan-les-Pins, where F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote Tender is the Night. Other places to visit include Grasse, famous for its perfuming heritage, and the mountain village of Eze for its old castle ruins and incredible views from above.