Price of celeb weddings and find out how to recreate them with out spending thousands and thousands

Cost of celebrity weddings and how to recreate them without spending millions

Celebrity weddings are great inspiration for trendy, classic, and unique wedding features, but they are incredibly expensive for most of us.

Some of the most expensive celebrity weddings cost up to £ 100 million, but they’re still where many brides plan their big day.

And with the lifting of wedding restrictions, couples getting married will soon be trying to highlight their big day among over 260,000 weddings postponed due to COVID.

Wedding, event and home fireworks supplier Fireworks Kingdom unveiled the most expensive celebrity weddings, highlighted the most popular features, and explained how your wedding can have any celebrity-inspired feature at a fraction of the price.

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Experts have selected the most popular features and made them more affordable

The cost of an average wedding in the UK is £ 31,974, according to wedding magazine Hitched.

Recent research has revealed the most expensive celebrity weddings in the past 40 years, with Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s big day topping the list.

UK wedding, event and home fireworks supplier Fireworks Kingdom has ranked the most expensive celebrity weddings based on reported costs with inflation.

The results revealed that Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding today would have cost £ 110,694,500, including security expenses, a £ 225 cake, and a wedding dress with a 7-meter train and 10,000 pearls.

This was followed by the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which is believed to have cost £ 35,459,020, including the two wedding dresses valued at £ 322,436. Prince William and Kate Middleton rounded out the top three with a wedding that would currently cost £ 29,592,289.

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In fourth place, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding today would require a budget of £ 8,703,615. However, it is rumored that the reality star has covered the costs and even made money by getting stopped for sponsorship and magazine deals.

The top 5 is completed by the 2008 wedding of soccer kings Coleen and Wayne Rooney, which would now be valued at an estimated £ 6,822,419.

The results also showed that everyday couples can incorporate celebrity’s most popular wedding functions for just £ 23,983.

Claire Wilson, Marketing Director at Fireworks Kingdom, said, “Celebrity weddings often cost more because of the size of the celebration. With guest lists of hundreds to thousands of attendees, transportation and event options can cost huge sums of money. “

“There are several wedding features listed that anyone can emulate to add a memorable touch to their big day. Instead of spending the money on designer bouquets, you can create your own with a local florist. Champagne doesn’t have to be expensive either – there are cheap options in certain supermarkets. “

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The dress

Bespoke wedding dresses topped the list of celebrity trends, with Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy haute couture gown apparently costing just under £ 402,000, with inflation.

Research found that ordinary brides can purchase a couture dress for between £ 1,600 and £ 6,000.

The drinks

Champagne was reportedly featured in 75% of the weddings included in the research, with Hailey and Justin Bieber rumored to have spent £ 2,500 on the feature.

Couples can include this feature for £ 121 depending on the brand, however, and costs are significantly reduced with fewer guests.

The tiara

A third of prominent brides wore a tiara, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, which apparently cost £ 337,486.

Brides can mimic the look with a silver tiara with crystals for just £ 250.

The venue

One in five of the most expensive celebrity weddings took place in a castle, the research found.

Securing a castle as a wedding venue costs at least £ 6,000 on average, but that’s only £ 594 more than the average venue spending of £ 5,406 for British couples.

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