PPE fits for wedding ceremony pictures? This couple talks about their distinctive outfit decisions and lockdown love messages


“When the house of the world is dark, love will find a way to create windows.” – Rumi

And a window has definitely been created for nurses Azwa Nizar Anwar and Nurhafizah Abdul Aziz.

Azwa from Tawau, Sabah and Nurhafizah from Senggarang, Johor, met, became friends and eventually decided to get married while they were stationed at a COVID-19 quarantine center in Johor.

Since large weddings were not allowed due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), the two decided to do an interesting wedding photo shoot instead.

As a nurse and to remember the challenges of love and marriage during a pandemic, Azwa thought it was pretty cool to take her wedding photos in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suits.

“I bought the PPE through Shopee a while ago because I just wanted something to remember about this pandemic. It’s just crazy what we’re going through and how the world has changed now.

“Anyway, when I was discussing photo ideas, I suddenly thought it would be pretty cool if we took wedding photos with PPE,” Azwa told Rojak Daily.

COVID-19 love.

Azwa said Nurhafizah was initially against the idea as the PSAs covered their wedding outfits but warmed up on them when he explained why.

“I didn’t even tell my photographer about my plan. He was shocked when I told him, but I think the photos turned out pretty good,” he laughed.

One way to remember the COVID-19 experience.

Azwa said his marriage to Nurhafizah was something the couple never planned.

“We were just friends and after working together in the quarantine center we became best friends.

“Then one day he asked my parents if he could marry me, and after that everything came together,” said Nurhafizah.

It's having a hard time getting married.

Azwa said the two were actually quite sad because so many of their family members and friends couldn’t be around on their big day, but they were glad they could share their joy through the photos.

“I received many blessings from friends, family, and even strangers after the photos went viral,” Azwa said.

He added that after the MCO ended, he hoped to finally bring his bride back to his hometown in Sabah and introduce her to his parents.

“My parents video-blessed me, but I hope we can all meet in person soon,” he said.

Stay at home.

Awwww …. We also hope and pray that the numbers will fall and that Azwa can be safely reunited with thousands of other families in Malaysia.