Paris Hilton is planning an intimate wedding ceremony as a result of pandemic

Paris Hilton is planning an intimate wedding due to the pandemic

Paris Hilton is planning an “intimate” wedding with Carter Reum, and she can’t wait to tie the knot with her “Prince Charming”.

The celebrity admitted she always dreamed of a “fairytale” big day but is excited to cut down her plans to celebrate over the coronavirus pandemic.

Paris says OK! Magazine: “When I was a little girl I had dreams of this big fairytale wedding. But with the pandemic it’s a new world.

“Instead it might get more intimate – and with my family. It’s a day that I’ve dreamed all my life and now I’ve found my charming prince, I just can’t wait.”

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The couple would like to have children, but Paris wants to get married first. Hitmaker The Stars Are Blind found the global health crisis “scary and difficult” but is grateful that she had the time and space to reflect on her life.

“Obviously this was a very scary and difficult time for everyone, but I always try to see the silver lining,” she says.

The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary last December. In a long Instagram post on their year together, Paris writes: “I love that we celebrate our love every month! I can’t believe it was only a year. It feels like I’ve been with you for a lifetime been!”

She adds, “I love you forever, my twin flame, my best friend, my other half, my partner for life. And I can’t wait for our future and a life of love and adventure.”

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